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  1. This has been brought up many times and devs know about it lets just leave them to their jobs, they probably fixing it :good:
  2. XD thank you epic it looks awesome ;D
  3. This is because mace has heal i expect i mean barbariens don't get heal, they never have and never will.
  4. snorlax i am getting the same problem on andriod htc desire s
  5. I bet he has a billion :lol: :rofl:
  6. Good hunt at anax guys mabye we could hunt reyn sometime too? 1million health seems like a challenge i want to accept
  7. My game still randomly closes sometimes really annoying im using android htc desire s name strongest fix please :cray:
  8. I have found quite a few bugs with 3.0 and i know the devs are trying to fix them but we need to let them know what needs fixing so post any bugs you have found with 3.0 here. Ill start, :spiteful: -The game keeps randomly shutting down around every 30mins annoying if im in the middle of hunt or mob killing :diablo: -Alot of quests on the chosen side dont have a story line they just say 'quest not found' and you have to work out yourself what to do :crazy: -When i opened my git from mentor this morning hoping for something good anything it said 'nothing inside' not
  9. Hey all im back from my camping. I made a chosen mage called Merlinjr add me and speak in chosen game or tell me your names too thanks :drinks:
  10. ill get u a present what you want? :clapping:
  11. Whats your char name? And Spilz im thinking mage but mabye bad choice i try them all then decide ;D
  12. Haha what a fair fight eh? :wacko:
  14. This will never work lol more mc than fb :blush:
  15. I can be your new favourite panda :blush: ;D
  16. Not screenshots of robots having sex :wacko:
  17. Cheza what happened to those gloves you had? :blush:
  18. I'm not kuz but i have one problem with this: When and if a firstborn gets a mc sudden doom axe or spadon or abyss zealot axe or spadon we wouldnt want to sell it to them because that would make the mc stronger. Same with mc selling bows would make the rangers stronger :nea: Thats my opinion anyway. :unknw:
  19. your sister duck your mum? WTF :crazy:
  20. Next time? There will be no next time.. :blush:
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