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  1. Okay you miss the point. people will amp more gears and buy more relics. Bigger economy. oblivion books aren't the main income for the developers, i doubt it's even crossing their minds when thinking of profitable mcoin items. The point is this is a quality of life improvement, keeping players happy.
  2. The current 3 tabs for equipments is a great addition. However this should've really been a way to capture more players into more playstyles. For example, people will be using maybe two PvE setups and one PvP setup across the three tabs. However, this only changes the equipment, while there's more to it than just that. The 3 pages should be profiles and have separate skill point allocations, skill/hotbar setup (layout of skills), and perhaps even applied relics to skills. This would make way more sense and be an actual HUGE quality of life improvement to the game. Being able to conveniently change your whole setup per situation would definitely encourage alot more variety in gear setups. This addition will not break anything because it's already possible to be specifically geared towards a goal, this addition would only make it more convenient switching between them.
  3. so, how about necromancer's skeletons inheriting depths fury as well? Actually, only strong skeletons spawned inherit crit damage at all. The weaker versions don't even deal increased damage.
  4. They already inherit penetration, accuracy and crit from a previous patch and the other stats were left out. Crit damage and depths of fury aren't arena related and can be added to the list. Rage can be left out if that's the issue, as well as lifesteal.
  5. As the title suggest, it's pretty straightforward. The summoned skeletons of a necromancer and pets of a charmer don't inherit the stats they should like every other class. For example a shaman totem does get crit damage bonus or depths of fury bonus, while the necromancer totem does not. This seems unreasonable and overlooked most likely since this makes sea weapons or guild passive for crit damage non effective for those classes. While necromancer may rely on other skills, many charmers like their dogs to deal the damage for them. All damage should be increased for all classes if those stats exist.
  6. Can we keep the full magic damage on 1h maces on the off-hand weapon for the chieftain class? Otherwise 2h magic hammers will outperform those in every situation which would defeat the whole purpose of the unique dual wield mace aspect of this class.
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