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  1. hahaha yess.... by all means.. but if u attack me in kota i will pot and revive every time... i WILL not give up lol ;D
  2. just be careful and watch who you trust. your best friend might not be who you think he is..
  3. any1 wanna fight me in PvP. any elf at all? ill do it :diablo:
  4. need help on sapphire bosses? US Sapphire. message me Tylerrogue. ill help out
  5. they need to make the cave bigger now that we have so many more people.
  6. i love how when i kill gankers and they get on their M C account and talk trash... funny thing is if they do that ill kill them and wont let them back in until i get a appology.. and they better mean it :) :diablo:
  7. my two *best* manley and fluguy. :D nope you and ur brother was my first two friends i had on this game. tell nate i say hey :D
  8. thats more like it 8) lolol i cant believe keizsha not a friend of mine :(
  9. i think Aigrind should make the cave bigger. that is all... 8)
  10. i said *at least* you can do as many as you want lol :P
  11. just about all of my barb friends made new accounts lol :facepalm:
  12. name at least 2 players who would be concidered your best friend in this game 8)
  13. If im in swamps i just go to quest until i get attacked.. but in the main map ill kill any elf of sight. thats just me.
  14. aight... who is the best rogue.. i guarentee you i will win 2\3. nobody notices me >_>
  15. Im in PvP cave all the time.. i beat just about everyone who fights against me. yet im seeing the ''best'' rogues getting posted in forums and i dont even know who they are... Rank me.. what number am i?.
  16. hahaha its not my fault you cant beat me bro... well.. it kinda is..lolol
  17. sorry for the noob gankers.. :facepalm: :facepalm:
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