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  1. shall we do it tomorrow?
  2. but.. i love you.. :dirol:
  3. :spiteful: why thank you.
  4. not really. i dont buy mcoings much anymore nut i get lots of drops in swamp now
  5. atleast make a poll with people who has their faces up lmfao
  6. but everyone knows what i look like.
  7. lmao why am i not in this post?????
  8. exactly. this wanna be troll hides behind his computer screen in his moms basement.. lmao.. :friends:
  9. i get in kortq less than 5 minutes everytime i go to swamps lol
  10. how am i dirty? my fingernails aint even dirty.. lmfao stfu kid sittin behind ur computer.
  11. prolly cause i god a JOB and i work for what i got. hahah
  12. fat people like pvprange gonna hate. lol.. only thing pvprange #1 at is a hot dog eating contest
  13. lol im joking... i use kick in the back as much as i can :crazy:
  14. no she was not. you were just buddy buddy with her cause you e date every girl on this game..
  15. ive fought pvp range 3 times fair fight.. i won all 3 times.. bro he sucks... only reason people know who he is because he spent his life savings on his arena tickets.. lmao
  16. :facepalm: blue, is it hurting that i made a new post about it?.. :facepalm:
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