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  1. If you play more PVE, you need deal with mobs, so go Defense. If play more PVP, you need deal with Player damage, so go Resistence. A defense rune increase your armor, reduce mobs damage and normal attacks damage, but do nothing with critical damage and chance of critical of your enemy player.
  2. Talles

    Max lv

    Leveling up to level 20 is so annoying with the current 11xp quests, think leveling up until level 50. I hope the xp for quests are revised.
  3. Talles


    We need smart players.
  4. Open a suport ticket on site. Dev do not reply or give suport on topics.
  5. Want to sell Gloves of Berengar's Fury or Trade by Berengar's Endurance boots. PM me on Sapupara on US-Sapphire MC side.
  6. I would like to trade by or Talk with me on SAPUPARA barb Lvl 16. Im looking only for trade at the time, because I need the BG Barb Set. Offers will be accepted in future if I cant trade. Thanks
  7. Se vc comprar enviando um SMS para o numero do servico do WS com o texto gerado no site sim vc pagará taxas. R$ 1,70 só para enviar o SMS com o pedido. Use a compra dentro do jogo assim vc só recebe o comunicado do pedido efetuado e só é debitado os R$ 4,00.
  8. Hello guys. I need help in a big doubt. For a Barb oriented PVP / Arena which is the best gear of the three options? Fighter Full Set with resistence runes Mix Fighter / Barengar Set with runes Resistance Mix Fighter / Barengar Set with runes Defence In a scenario with +5 Amp which would be best PVP for a player who is not a hardcore farmer?
  9. Talles

    Market Bug

    Maybe... but the game alert me if i try put a broken item on market, if you dont do it before.Well i have send email to Suport and now the problem solved thanks guys.
  10. Talles

    Market Bug

    Is +5 Acute Claymore, i know Parameters system ::) .
  11. If you need ask ID and Pass to "give" MCoins for anyone, yes you can be Banned. Scammers do it all time.
  12. Talles

    Market Bug

    I have tryed put a 2H Sword to sell on market in Nadir-Sard. For any Reason i can put only items like Runes, Pots etc. But no my Sword. What happen?
  13. Market is linked to Both Factions? I think is not.
  14. Good update: Now the game detect my phone's keyboard. (Xperia Pro) Then i can use the Enter button to send message to chat. Bad Update: Now i cant chose the "Keyboard" ( fisical or touch) on game options menu.
  15. Try to remember the last person with whom you spoke and gave the ID and password.
  16. Isso funciona para os dois mapas: - Em todas as cidades, visite as lojas e tavernas novamente. Algumas quests são dadas por vendedores e só aparecem após vc finalizar outras quests previamente. - Entre em qualquer caverna e abra o mapa. Com o cursor movimente o mapa da caverna, assim vc consegue visualizar o mapa de todas as outras cavernas. Procure por quests que tenha esquecido la tambem. This works for both maps: - In every city, visit the shops and taverns again. Some quests are given by vendors and only appear after you complete other quests first. - Walk into any cave and open the map. With the cursor move the map of the cave, so you can view the map of all the other caves. Look for quests that you forget it too.
  17. Now I tried to access the payment service via SMS and is not yet available when we selected Brazil as a country.
  18. Explique melhor o problema, nao tenha pressa... Vc não consegue conectar no game usando o PC de casa se tentar conectar antes das 00:50? Quando não consegue conectar com o servidor mesmo assim vc consegue usar internet normalmente?
  19. I think it's time to change the game system for low heals no more overlapping high heals. Simple as that! ( Eu acho que já é hora de mudar o sistema do jogo para que low heals não mais sobreponham high heals. Simples assim!)
  20. Opa blz? Jogo no Saphire e tenho um Barb LV 13 Sapupara e um Shaman LV 12 Sagatiba.
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