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  1. I was just thinking that it would be cool if there was some way to see more advanced stats for mobs/bosses. For instance, if the boss hits with physical/sun/dark and what sort of defensive stats and % it has. I think the best way to implement this into the game would be a new skill (That all classes have) that when used on a boss/mob(or maybe even enemy players) will show a pop-up with some of the stats, and with skill progression more detailed information will be given.(Like penetration and dodge %) Obviously for this idea we would need more skill points, so maybe it is something you could consider for the next level cap increase. :3
  2. I haven't actually played DK myself, but my husband has one, and from what I have seen they are a very good PVE since they can pull enemies out of crossings. As for PVP, I think there are a lot of classes that aremuch better suited for PVP, unless you are willing to pay a lot of money to make your DK strong enough to simply overpower the opponent. If you plan on playing both your rogue and your dk, I would suggest your rogue for a pvp build and your dk as a tank, which will come in handy later if you want to farm bosses and such.
  3. I can help you level and stuff. Add Toshya and Toshe to your friends list and drop me a line if you see me on. :3 I wouldn't worry too much about joining a clan, they really aren't as useful in this game as they are in others. They really only want higher level players with good stats, regardless of whether or not they are actually good players. (i.e help others, good attitude, knows how to play their class) Anyway, welcome to Warspear, I hope you like it and I hope we can be friends. ;D
  4. I saw one around Nadir as well, maybe the same one. xD I was like OMG LOOK A MAGE! Then I killed him o.O I think that Mage is the least used class in the whole game, which is probably their only advantage since less people know exactly what their skills are and how to combat them. Best way to kill a mage is to use any of the other ranged classes.
  5. Don't delete swamps, but at least make it a little bit more like Astral Lab, in that, Elves have their side, and MC have their side with Kotaravva being like that last bosses of Lab (same for all factions) and if some players really want to disturb the opposite faction so badly, they should have to walk (or teleport) for hours to get to the opposing faction's side.
  6. Please put costumes as reward on Amber pumpkin quest, for those that can't afford $500 worth of holiday bags. :bad:
  7. There should also be an option to hide the cloak altogether, like the helm. The back design of vestment is neat, why cover it up with ugly cloak?
  8. This is what selfishness breeds. -.-
  9. People who say that Norland drops are "free" haven't actually tried doing any of the quests past the yellow ones. -_-
  10. I have both sets. The crit armor works well with shield and 1h axe, that way def doesn't suffer too drastically. It's also very useful for PvE and boss hunting if you have a good healer and don't have to worry too much about def. Plus it reduces time for collecting daily quest items. Of course to play like this you pretty much have to have your bags maxed, and have both shield/1h axe and a 2h weapon. So yeah... if you are buying bg armor for the first time you should definitely get the def gear, but if you already have those and want to change things up a little bit, crit gear can be very interesting.
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