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  1. I quit the game, gaved out my ranger Suicideout 20 lvl Us sapphire, +7 scout bow and full arena set scout +5 to one espanol player :) it was so sad to delete account, so i just gift it to him, hope he will enjoy it! With my bad internet i cant play warspear :rofl: . Si estás leyendo esto ahora, Raynoz, :pleasantry: ser feliz con ella :yahoo: Es mi regalo para su próximo cumpleaños :tease: . Adios, gracioso juego. ( Bye, warspear xd).
  2. :shok: shaman's earth small as ranger's trap now, warlock next to smalling hes cyrcles :rofl:
  3. [move] :tease: 9 signs failure, last sign of set worked [/move]
  4. :friends: Bought lucky one set of signs from uncommon and got from +5 to +6 with 10th sign! :crazy:
  5. :lol: You guys playing from 1 year old? :lol: I feel i sooooooooooooo noob after reading your posts :lol:
  6. :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: Where i can press "vote i hate this quest"? " Unburning pearls", :tease: :tease: :tease: ( i love this emoticon) quest from Nair Sard, collecting pearls from ground holes, chance to find pearl in hole is about 10% of 100% :tease: :tease: :tease: , waiting each time two minutes for nothing and nothing again :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:
  7. [move]this always killing m :( e[/move]
  8. apreila


    And ...[move] :tease: [/move]He not noob btw :nea:
  9. apreila


    [move] :tease: [/move]
  10. [move][glow=red,2,300] When..wheeen....wheeeeeeeeeeen?....that i need.... :crazy: [/glow][/move]
  11. [move] KUZMITCH :yahoo: :lol:
  12. apreila

    Max lv

    [move] I really need available level up to 30 [/move]
  13. I got one friend. Me. :rofl: Seriously, i know only one person in sapphire , Firstborn side, whom i can call "friend". He as angel in human body. :lol: (a really kind). Always when talking to him i feel happy. "Un" "co" "cu" :friends: , (letter to him) but he doesn't visit forum much. I playing there a month.
  14. apreila

    Bad connection

    :good: No lags now, feels as developers fixed something, also i tried to help to stablishe my conection, i used to put modem outside room, made hole in window :tease: . Now Warspear running well.
  15. :yahoo: By the way, I finally done all yellow quests at Norlant Swamps, only blue now :) . And i got many good other rewards yesterday :yahoo: as {Gold Bar] and equipments 15 lvl and even [ Good Signet] (forgot to tell that i got it too) :good: , solf for 4444 gold at dealer :) . I feel i am rich and happy :yahoo: , + today signs at discount :yahoo: . And got succesful + of weapon :yahoo: . I very happy. Thanks omg :yahoo: .
  16. :yahoo: :good: :) THANKS, Developers. After your help :good: , i finally got good drop! I has received reward of quest "Towers of Vrangis" a [Firm Mail gloves] 13 purple colored full stated gloves, and enchanted it, and sold to dealer for 8888 gold! Bought signs and got succesful amplification from +4 of my belt to +5! Thanks, again, thanks :crazy: .
  17. :good: Visited your topic, Mrx ;) Life going on NOW. Cant wait more. :friends:
  18. O:-) Exuse me, Mrx, i respect you and your work on it, but i add only one point. To farm mobs for gold small amount. These "changing" in skils i dont feel good, we need just new one for all the characters, moreover, developers tired to balance this old skills. We need just new some, i think.. And i think skins for equipment will be not bad addition, but this question i think is not "on edge". More closest i feel i need available level cap 30-50 lvl and new skills. Gold from mobs we already have by loot. As you know it just was decreased in price one day, but it is still work as "dropping gold", when you take loots from mobs and selling to merchants.
  19. Dear Developers! I have Ranger 20 lvl and have nothing to do, cant leveling it anymore. Rise up available level of characters, please! It can be 30 max? Maybe even level up with no new skills? Its ok, after new skills will be added, i am already will be 30 lvl - already have 6 skill points,, can be used on new skills later. If it acceptable to your, Developer's plans, rise it up, i ll have what to do in warspear till new skills will be created and added by you, or new lands and continue story of Arinar. Thanks. ;)
  20. apreila

    Bad connection

    have same too :unknw: but i have no choice, always want to play :crazy: even with slow connection and unsynchrone, no choice :tease:
  21. Maybe one good item in week? Please :crazy: Composite bow of sudden doom just saw at selling 2 million, hauberk of divine defence 900k, medalion of inward power i bought 150k and saw many selling 100k+ at trade chat :crazy: carved signet of zealots 25-30k awwww, where we going :search: Dont delete or close Norlant swamps, i like it, fastest way to lvl up, interesting quests, alternative ways to complete, ( i love quest "TOWERS OF VRANGIS", "NASTY FROGLS", "VOW COLLUMNS", "NORLANT TREASURE HOUSES", "RAVVA KISSES", "CAPTIVES", "ISLAND OF LSOT SOULS" "DIDERICH GREEDY SILVER", "CAPTURED SHAMANS") wow hehe many and many i do, and i can get 2k gold each day from it easly by selling potions and silver bar from quests reward, but make sure please player can get one good item each week or season? Respect, your custumer.
  22. :yahoo: i did try to search same existing post but :yahoo: it found nothing so i feel to create new :yahoo: What i do wrong? At kotaravva quests i getting only norlant crystals and scrolls but not equipments. Done many quests, used a many game hours, used a many potions, arena tickets, while waiting sometimes, many repair scrolls, and still not got equipment. What i do wrong? Can this Norlant swamps be "other way for player to get good equipment by quests"? I see not. Not even got something useful for my character. I see in trade chat some people selling equipments from swamp norlant, medalions of inward power, berengar sets, divine def sets, violent sets, wanderers equips, rings, weapons, but i still getting only bad rewards. But i must say that at Zeneth Haf i getting not bad reward from towers of vrangis and houses quest, and nasty frogls good reward and collumns too, aqueducts good too (silver bar, gold bar, simple armor,(can be sold for 200+ gold :give_rose: and 15 lvl blue equips as can be gotten from animated armors) thanks. Can you please, make sure player will got good equipment at one of quests in day? As "Ravva kisses" or Towers of Vrangis"? please, dont add it to hydra, it cant be completed when eniemy traps you at hydra and instant kill when u only appear at area. And please, longe time of mobs to stay alive (frogl, wyevern and nxt) of quest "Norlant Aqueducts" because i cant be in time and get even close to mob, that holding crystal, to take it from it, mob dissapear, so i have only back with no help to mechanic. Please, i like this quest too.
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