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  1. Take a look this is really cute hehe..
  2. Any comments? I can modify it again if u want
  3. Redesign was done. Take a look how cute my costume when using staff, i hope snorlax spending a minute to view this, ty.
  4. Hey... I think i'm not on the grave place which were no one there
  5. I need your comments bro... Please...
  6. I feel it's incomplete the prince's dress costume without a hat, so i just added new hat for that costume, hope you like it :)
  7. At least gimme one word for my hard time :'(
  8. Waiting for comments....
  9. Be the first wearing new costum: Prince's dress costum. It will be available in Miracle Shop soon xD Updated: 1. New appereance 2. Descriptions 3. Women version: princess 4. Two options: with a hat and with no hat
  10. Hello. Bees vs earthquake is balance, both causing damage with different style, it's like periode heal of druid/shaman vs instant heal of necro/priest. So bees are stagger damage and earthquake is instant damage, you can't complain cuz there is already another skill with instant heal.
  11. @sange im not shaman, im a spectator, i always watch how priest can kick shaman's ass easily by trying to drain all mana, the priest is so smart, the priest using harmony in belt and using full resi, fighting a long time is a nighmare for priest, in the last time shaman with no mana and full HP is like unskilled rat and die pfff.
  12. stivemob

    so funny.

    If support can analyse some e-mail changed, the 1st e-mail created is the account owner.
  13. lol without any skills, priest can't die, i saw pro shaman managed his skill and using harmony in belt, but still lose high mana in a few period, its hard for shaman beating lv5 mana drain of priest.
  14. i saw yunzhii got raped many times by ruiner priest lv18, not only yunzhii but many pro shamans lose against priest.
  15. Someone has stolen your account, please never share your ID or password, not only lost or gone but its forbidden and your account can be banned or deleted cuz someone has knowing your login details. Someone will never know the ID only if before you not share it.
  16. Some priest lv15-18 ruining the game just for PVP. They are just standing in pvp cave with no life, no PVE and with overconfidence they only maximize mana drain skill to kill all high level shamans, i saw many times low level priest always killing all high level shamans even with pro lv20 shamans, yunzhii lost, too bad.
  17. Follow my tips: Go to connection manager ---> disconnect all connections Open the game ---> login
  18. Not found means there is no e-mail of you in the server, you may ask the similar e-mail name of yours and let support going to check these similar e-mail, it might be something wrong in writting characters or letters on your e-mail name.
  19. Hello, you should note your e-mail (ID) dan password into your notepad, diary, book or something else to remember password, if you forget or false writting e-mail or password, so its your fault. Make sure your e-mail is correct, game is saving your e-mail, its impossible server can't read your valid e-mail in the database. Please go check your e-mail again.
  20. Snorlax, have you tested going arena in vulcano MAP via phone (nokia)? its really hard to control the cursor after crossing, it takes a long to move the cursor into target and when meeting enemy, the enemy always catch 1st, im sure not only happened to me but i saw many times my partner was so slow moving after crossing, its obviously they are using phone too. Sometimes i call them please don't cross or stay here but the noob partner always crossing especially when demanding 3x3 or 5x5. The players who playing with PC, touch screen phone, its easy to cross and fast putting cursor into target.
  21. 1.does barbarian need improvment of one or two their skill? Yes, barbar is the only melee with underpowered class, the charge skill is the only best skill of barbar but sadly it fails too much and very hard using the next charge even if after taunting and runing a few steps, its still troubeling for using the next charge in close combat. 2.give the reason if barbarian dont need improvment. GM thinking that barbar is OP cuz of top arena, they didn't realize that the TOP arena is owned by rich barbar, like hassn. If hassn has average amped gears, im sure hassn is weak beating the OP hamstring of BD with same average amp. 3.does underpower class(its like mage) need some fix or improvment? Yes, mage is already overpowered with mega damage if mage is free or out of incoming attack from enemy but mage can't survive if enemy attacking him the mage stun doesn't help so it should be disable using skill when being stunned. 4.what class that need improvment? *barbar, chop skill *mage, stun skill *rogue, its hard for rogue to catch the runner of healer when out of stealth, so rogue need a caster skill 5.more than 1 year there is not new skill. is it need new skill for all class? Yes, after releasing the next level cap, above 20 levels, it should be added new skills, in general the mmo had more hundred of skills for every class, it would be managed by skill build and skill tree, so you have option which job you prefer to do with your class. Thats my opinion.
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