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    timeuss reacted to Hamstring in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    so I cleaned up some of my screens, deleted ~1400 but some I was too fond of to let go. here's a few oldies..

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    timeuss got a reaction from jayrox in [ARCHIVE] Videos From The Game!   
    Another quick war...
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    timeuss reacted to dennisj007 in Common Storage for An Account!   
    Dear Bros!
    (This facility is availble at "7Swords" iphone only MMO game)
    How about having a Common Personal storage for a Account!
    Coz every account got 6 slots to create Heroes!
    but its very hard to transfer Items between chars!
    so even ppls can transfer their stuffs from (non-personal) Elf to MC within his own account!
    Formally say : Account Storage!  - this will exists till the account is active (  i'm not sure with it:)
    Basically with 1 Row!  and 399 MCOINS for Bag Extend!   ---like Guild storage!
    as a lover of "7Swords" and turned to "Warspear" i really need tht facility...
    Please take it forward 
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    timeuss reacted to skizoskilz in "Character" Option suggestions   
    There are just my opinion at the new character option we can find in setting!
    #1 offline/online mode: people will think your offline, your not allowed to send/receive messages or doing trades
    #2 turn off private message: when doing this it will display all private messages, you won't be allowed to send or receive any messages, why this option? Just to avoid these lvl1 than remake characters and spam your chat
    #3 turn off inspect mode:don't let other people be able to see your status and equipment!
    #4 turn off exchange: the names already explain what this do!
    Give me some feedback!
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    timeuss reacted to Snipedownx in PEW PEW PEW Ranger build?   
    This build and most if em are just dumb rangers do not survive unless they hit hard and fast none if this i can tank etc haha learn to use a ranger before working in builds IMO
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    timeuss reacted to KingCree in Top Elves Overall   
    hey you go again... are a bd? if not say in yo lane please.
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