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    Serious Scam

    Yep ur wrong I can be unbinded :clapping: Now to sit an wait to see if devs take action :aggressive:
  2. timeuss


    Thank god I thought I was only one ;D
  3. Aww comeon uk I'm legionn's loyal ♥♥♥♥♥ :blush:
  4. Legionn we must talk I don't wana do it here cause ik it will cause a problem :( but I feel as if it must be addressed :give_rose: just pm my druid wen ur on bud thanks An welcome new members pm me if ur ever down for some lab farm or just wana hangif I'm not busy. I have no problem helping ;)
  5. NUM 1. I have many things to say about few members but I wont start any shit on the forum, so ill just pm u legionn Num 2. K now tht my druid is lvl 20 an is my main does it get a spot. An if so how does tht effect my ranger spot, if u take ranger off the list ill totally understand cause I am both the ranger an druid but really what I'm askin is to add druid ;D
  6. Elf 8) people keep telling me go mc though, idk y I have to much fun killin them :blush:
  7. O let's wait till Time lvls so he can't be apart of this :'( I see how it is :cray:
  8. My ranger is shit an will always be shit :lol: but ig ye it was fun to play but I like druid way more than ranger, my ranger my ♥♥♥♥♥ boy now ;D
  9. Druid comeon how do u pass up the ability to heal n kill 8) Mage the skills for the mage gives me a nerd boner :blush:
  10. :rofl: lol I wont say what I wana say :rofl:
  11. Dam dude were u haveing a seizure wen typing :mega_shok:
  12. My name better be green :blush:
  13. Back, took few needed days off 8) An person on my acc was my brother for those who kept askin ;D LETS DO SOME SHIT!!! :yahoo: :aggressive: :shout:
  14. Yes it is boring :facepalm: an all m friends keep quitting :sorry:
  15. Wen u comein back :unknw:
  16. Hmm lets see yesterday helped wit chainless, finished chainless, an found out there's more mcs tht hate me, went to sleep a winner ;D
  17. I chased an killed her :lol: every one else stood there :rofl:
  18. Tht was hurtful :'( I took tht to heart :cray:
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