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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: story of my warspear life :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: people: Timeuss wat are you doin Timeuss: uhh nothing people: thought u were busy Timeuss: i was but forgot wat i was doin
  2. there ya go you got one :blush:
  3. then explain to me plez cause ur short passage didnt do it for me.
  4. seems like a nice catch :good: congrats :clapping:
  5. Definition of blacklist in the Online Dictionary.Meaning of blacklist. .. so as to banish or cause to be boycotted; "many books were blacklisted by the Nazis"... (if u ment blacklisted thts wat it is)(last part just poped up can disreaguard if want :rofl: )
  6. makes us more prone to bein ban from trade chat :sucks: :sorry: got baned for 45 mins at one point but...that was me seein how far ban goes :blush: i dont they will fix though not many complainin :fool:
  7. well looks lke uve got it from here :lol: said all that needs to be said
  8. there is like 2-5mins of neutral cant be atted with that said use tht time to run like hell 8) if dont like who spawn by :good:
  9. i dont like this idea, mc already have shamens an warlocks an dks, to give them rangers that be just outlandish :facepalm: plez plez do not do this :facepalm:
  10. timeuss

    Rap "Battles"

    wen step to me you wont only be taking an arrow to the knee If you dont kill me then you better beleive youll be kissin the respawn not just once but all day long you may complain that im +9 my response is hay man im just on my AI Grind :pardon:
  11. To some people this isnt a game this is their life or life away from life :bomb: an prob wat u did was one of those respect things (im guessn) :pleasantry: seems be problem between many people these days :facepalm: some people do take this to serious though :aggressive: mehh wat kinda get in many games ;)
  12. Like this thread ;D :drinks: :friends: Im kool wit lota people but these people talk to or hang wit on daily basis (ik ima spell some wrong :rofl:) will take to.long put reasons y for everyone :lol: Elf/chosen: Mc/forsaken: champz Zhur Coolbeanz dmarzo Zhtyus Maymay coolcat Machote Evillady Avengeravn Manley Toshya xxxjayxxxx Thamo Deeznuts Mistkitty Rokzz Darklordz hggd Hopzz Flu Rahud Lovkitty Roula blueborn legion vee Grover luvybe sapp putang nepz
  13. Like to note said check all before let join, from wat ive seen we only jump wen needed an well if I see u jumpin anyone better belive im jumpin in :pardon:(wen see fit), wen I get jumped I tend to give set person second chanc but to me seems like this being nice crap is wat kills me :lol:, Sorry wit wat ever happened with u karn an gl at mc side Just next time champz check people out before let em join im not one who likes to be used :give_rose: (ill explain if want me to)(not anything tht deals with u though champz u my boy 8))
  14. im havein a problem (think same thing) while playing the game it will close an take me to the char menu, an wen i pick one it loadz but wont open as if i dont have connection or playin on 3G. (i can asure u i have my wifi on an full bars :lol: ) but to get it to work i have to turn off my phone completely an it works. (also wen trying to switch my it happens so no solo farm for now :cray: ) O an this is on a android (ill look an see wat kind :lol: )
  15. Wow I love the look, an idea for the map also good :good: should have it as like an weekly event, and if not this some kind of weekly event, only thing one thing would be is tryin not to make it like one sided, so one class doesnt rule the whole think, like a kiteing shamen or warlock :lol: but we'll prob have to deal with that anyway :rofl:
  16. Wen did this happen :wacko: lets not go noob now guys :bad:
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