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  1. Phoneguy

    Berengar SET

    Wtf is attension lol
  2. Where's the pointy ears ??? LOL Well , we have a ranger (u) , and a barbarian (saint) , who will win the contest? people? comment :tease:
  3. Hm maybe im wrong,,, but this game stilll awsome :facepalm:
  4. Phoneguy

    Berengar SET

    Same :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  5. "Berengars ( from bg ) Sprsaiyan ( from mars )" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  7. Yea.. then i prefer Sword of militiamen
  8. Then stop playing this game , it shud be hard or everyone would be strong, and strong noobs , thats it
  9. U need mcoins cuz u dont know how to get mc items wid gold (sometimes u receive good m.coin items at mailbox) all u need to do is go farm a boss > get drop > sell for gold > Buy mc items with gold :facepalm: Miracle coins are just an extra feature with a medium impact to gameplay ( pots,runes,crystals - which can be bought with Golds... ) And i think they use all that money to pay the devs,game hoster and their needs, because this is their job, bring us fun, and someone have to pay 'em. Its free to play , and ppl who cant buy m.coins can have fun too It would be bad if we had to pay to play :wacko:
  10. cross, mas o portugues é bem parecido com espanhol :yahoo:
  11. Si no me puedes agregar a la lista de los miembros, me agregue a su lista de amigos del Clan Google translator mode: on ;D
  12. Phoneguy

    Berengar SET

    You all shud bring a knife ...:spiteful:
  13. coolest hero name : Phoneguy :spiteful:
  14. yo quiero seer membro ou amigo :wacko: Spanish is so confused to me :wacko:
  15. Cut all bshit of when it comes and will it comes nah. Warspear is a Privilege , not a Right , remember this! we are privileged to have a free game of such quality since its free, we have to wait :) Sorry for bad english
  16. Y yo ? :search: :D why im not at list :'(
  17. HAHAH :rofl: How bout Recruit dagger ? :spiteful:
  18. ignore ;) :( :aggressive: :bad: :bad: :blush: ;D :blush: :bomb: :bomb: O:-) O:-) :clapping: :cray: :crazy: :diablo: :dirol: :drinks: :fool: :good: :give_rose: :lol: :nea: :pleasantry: :pardon: :facepalm: :'( :yahoo: :wacko: :'( :unknw: :tease: :spiteful: :sorry: :) :shok: :shout: :search: :rofl: andlessemoticonsand colors[glow=red,2,300]LOL[/glow]
  19. Phoneguy

    Hi all :)

    Hello ! and how u likin warspear bro?
  20. thx all , ill use Acute flamberge A very cute Flamberge by the way :rofl:
  21. I have arena points but i dont know which i chose :facepalm:
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