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  1. Sorry that happened to you. But I go by a saying: you gotta help yourself before helping others.
  2. Appreciation I'm working on giving more of. Yes, I am guilty of not giving enough. But most of the time I'm usually giving. :wacko: I do help a random here and there, more than I used to. But for me the big turn away is not attitude or lack of appreciation, but what they do after they find out I have mc. They'll turn to me only to ask me for mc items. Now mind you they're not asking for simple things like tickets, or a repair scroll, or a pocket, or anything like that. They ask for signs, or costumes, or stuff 300mc or up! That's the biggest turn away for me. If its a friend or a clan mate, absolutely. But if a random or someone I barely know, 4/5ths of the time I ignore the pm.
  3. "I guess" isn't very convincing to me.
  4. I think.... barbs charge stun was fairly ok BEFORE 3.0 update. Before that point, I rarely had a complaint about it. Failed sometimes, but it was mostly reliable. But after 3.0 came along, oh my good God... :bad: I've been playing and using my barb for a year now. The barb's best weapon is that charge stun (I've tried through 3 different skill resets). But when that stun is unreliable, barb goes to shit, hilariously bad. You taunt up close and run around like an idiot to make charge work by the click like it should. And when the skill finally does happen, 20% success rate for stun is what you're lucky to get. :bad: I've seen a day where charge stun failed 5 times in a row. And I died every time it did, except for 1 I managed to overpower. Let me tell you the honest truth: if your charge stun fails, you're most likely dead. And I have +8 lvl 17 arena gear, +9 lvl 17 arena sword, 23.4% resil, 2954 def, and I don't charge in like a moron. I hate to say this, but... barb is a joke now. You want a reliable class? Go rogue or shaman. Or any of the forsaken.
  5. If you're below a massive fail and now a skinny nerd, I'll take that as a compliment. ::) You're very smart, you have brains you never used... You know what? If I ever need a brain transplant, you'll be the first person I'd call. I'd like my new brain to be unused. ;)
  6. Last time I was playing the game of life, I was beating your ass in it. So if I'm a massive fail, you must really be in the shit. :wacko:
  7. Day 2: I'm gonna get the sound adjusted right next time.
  8. Well I thought this thread was gonna be interesting. :facepalm:
  9. Zythus

    Hi everybody

    Perhaps we will meet in the field eventually.
  10. Day 1 Was getting bored. :facepalm:
  11. Elves: Only know of Anonymous (Idk what they do), led by Legionn Mc: Dragon Clan (oldest and largest) led by Chronoz Fear (mainly do farms and help other mc) led by Sneakyme/Morphz Cerberus (mainly pvp,raid,war against elves and help other mc) led by me B2K (Apparently dead) led by Afro, Ascetic, and Keizsha
  12. We should have cow costumes.... and penguins. I mean, who doesn't like seeing a cow carry an axe? :crazy:
  13. Heres a fairly old one of me.
  14. Zythus

    Photo Spam

    And you guys let me miss this? lol
  15. Well... having Lieukaka's shaman and Davidttg in pt was not the greatest idea...
  16. Ladygi (and anyone else who wants to know), this is me.
  17. Hey guys, the first meet of Cerberus is gonna be on friday 8pm, EST. Pm me in-game to find out where the meet will take place.
  18. I knew Deadlynoob sounded familiar. Same for Eregion and Deviruchi, I want to see what you guys can do. If you had an active MC char you could. :wacko: Kath is already in.
  19. I prefer lvl 14 and up, and recruitment by referral. But doesn't have to be. lvl 14+ only cause any level below should/would be more worried about arena, questing, and drops for equipment. We could help with arena and questing, but drops are not going to be our strong point. And referral only cause I seen it work better than random recruiting two-fold. But still, pm me in-game and hopefully I'll see you in action soon. ;)
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