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  1. Ha ha there's two of me now apparently! I guess they changed my name and I don't know when... Oh well...
  2. I actually really love the Silent Hill series, and yes SH4 is really great! I just can't stand SH:Shattered Memories. I can't even conceive of trying to play again. I just don't understand how you can die so easily and be mobbed while you're supposed to run through a maze, use your map, and stay alive? I don't get it. It just makes me super mad. I have some other RE games but, I loathe the controls for movement. LAME. Wish they had Hitman for Wii..ducking love killing people...
  3. Mellfice: RE4 on Wii. But I played it way back on PS2. It had been a really long time since I played and I've been playing and re-playing it because I love it so much :D
  4. MARTIN!!!! How are you? I saw you were on and tried to talk to me, but I pulled of my all-time famous moves..AFK. I didn't see it until much later. Well...anyway I just mostly wanted to see if anyone was still playing/chatting to pass time. But, I've been reading a lot of books and playing RE4 and stuff.......
  5. Can you please change my name from Cereal Killer to Nightingale please? Thank you :give_rose:
  6. I was curious as to how to change your name in the forum? Or do I have to make a new profile? Thanks.
  7. I've played most of the Silent Hill and RE series. RE4 is better than I remembered it being and I played it on PS2 ages ago. However, I am not lonving Silent Hill: Shattered memories because enemies cannot be killed and yet you die so fast and easy. I am stuck in this maze, and nearly impossible to use your map! So I screamed "duck you!" and quit. I highly enjoy killing things though, which, is why Hitman is my favorite. I don't really enjoy the stages where you must always use stealth-because what I enjoy most is eliminating people from the game. Ha ha
  8. I guessed as much. I well, idk, it was fun for awhile-mostly to pass time. Well, I guess I'll see you all when I happen to see you I suppose. I was totally joking about the list..though I pretty much might as well be retired. Happy gaming to you all and see you around when I see ya! :give_rose:
  9. Is anyone playing anymore? I kind of lost interest when I went on vacation last year, and I got tired of waiting for the new stuff..by the time I was interested in coming back I felt lost. There were new members and then no updates so I just left. I see the updated finally happened and I've checked in a few times to see if anyone was on but my friend list never shows any friends on :( I see I'm not anywhere on any of the lists..ok..I see what ya did there....
  10. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!!?!? :lol:
  11. Mell! ha ha I am not mad or anything, and no, you didn't do anything to me. Jeez, by now you should know how easily distracted I am! Also, I haven't played WS since August really and since I haven't been on I haven't been here much either.
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