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  1. well its just if someone told u dont do something u do it for sure ._.
  2. best ranger not just amp its about skills also
  3. he run coz he saw gay merc follow him ._.
  4. 7k dmg with 1h is awesome nice :give_rose:
  5. they sure buyed mcoins but they not noob saw them in arena wolfsy a skilled old player as far as i know :wacko: he hunted lab before swamps alot as far eyes goes elf dint hunted eyes much :facepalm:
  6. non noob ther :wacko: and my vote goes to wolfsy then chrys :give_rose: if allowed 2 xD
  7. they want snorlax tell them top 10 games :lol:
  8. u mean this hornig? :blush:
  9. frost a kick ass dk even vanityx two best eu
  10. doing what ur best in
  11. was fun to watch the pvp the area chat and party chat :lol:
  12. well dint ss whn me and jay pvp in 3 vs 3 the dmg and cure were ducking epic :bomb: :bomb:
  13. mine was shit he hit me 150 heal 252 :wacko:
  14. roseblade

    Rogue stats xD

    i wanna pvp u with druid :blush:
  15. well yasir mage not a shit class need a buff and he can spilt his points for chains 5 3 stones 3 ball 5 sheild and for arena i meet a mage with my bd vs 2 shaman and we won :tease:
  16. top 5 nice gay :blush: :give_rose: want u #1 xD :diablo:
  17. lol just duck urself noob :facepalm: done talking with a shit guy like u
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