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  1. im sorry but l messaged Daria 2x and hasn't got my mcoin :( it's not that im impatient but arena ticket sale is going to be over :( can i please have a reply? i kinda need the prize
  2. If Crimson Suit included in the game, it would look something like this:
  3. But when saving the picture, make sure to resize the image size to 72 x 105 by simply dragging the corner of the drawing paper into such size, and then block your image with selection tools and just pull the corner to fill the drawing paper. Doing this so that when you post the picture, it won't be too small.
  4. you can use paint, but first reduce the size of the drawing paper into 24 x 35 and then start drawing.
  5. dude. i think your costume is too big. it is 58 x 83 pixels max allowed size is 24 x 40 pixels it's a cool costume tho
  6. First of all, to make sure my entry passes the requirements, here is the actual 24 x 34 pixels entry: (Using weapons) (All side view) In the hand of Arinar's best engineers, made from purely minted Crimson Corundum, i present: The Crimson Suit. Nothing more comfortable than a well-made Crimson Suit. - It's light - It's durable - Has good air flow - Eco-Friendly - Can see clearly even in darkness, And most importantly... - Looks cool Oh, and the giant head is a room made for stor
  7. i still cannot login. i think this is too long already
  8. this morning warspear seemed to be laggy, i got disconnected constantly. then suddenly i simply can't pass the login page anymore. it has been 9 hours and i still can't enter. what is happening? does any other player experience this aswell?
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