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  1. A pic that I took today, and Cherry it's bienvenue not benvenue xD
  2. I will never forget EPM, it was a cool family :drinks: :'(
  3. Could I get votes of others members for my entry into ABC ? :pardon:
  4. Thank's Brisign! I'll be happy to join you ;D
  5. the earring on any side mean nothing specially, but I prefered put it on my left xD
  6. I've didn't saw.. the mobile version load slower than at pc.. :nea:
  7. Everyone got a different name in game and at forum, I never know when it's a man or a girl..
  8. Sorry for my bad english then :nea:
  9. Thank's to you bro, I will do my best with quests, and i changed my pass yesterday, so only me can play on my account. :)
  10. :pleasantry: Yo ABC members! Im the rogue Dgray, Im looking to join your guild to be serious about quests etc.. and to be funny too, I know the most of members and I know you are all funny..anyway, here's is my real life ! My name is Pierre, Im 16, I like to draw, parties and sex, Im french and I don't know what to say more, I hope you will accept me into your guild, thank's for reading and sorry for my bad english..here is a pic of me, and thank's again! :good:
  11. Gratz to the winners... but the alligator costume is made with the body of Cat set from miracle shop... " Using other people's works and/or downloaded from the internet works - disqualification " But gratz.
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