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  1. Yeah that was pretty much true and it was gonne be removed anyway u ws police delete these And mecca i been kicking n pvp before ur first char was born stop replying on me and be a good mod and delete it before another mod does it anyway
  2. U know mecca ur a hater as usal i usally just let u and whoever reply and say whatever but honestly u knew what u got urself into before u opened this so why even read it
  3. U Might See Me Pvpin U Might See Me Walking u Might See Me Walking A Dead Rotweiler Dog With Its Head Chopped Off IN The Cave While Wearing A Spiked Collar Hollering At It Kuz The Thing Wont Stop Barking Or Maybe Shooting My SD Glaive Outt Of A Shotgun Or Maybe Rolling Through Nadir In The Car That They Shot Pac In Looking For Killas Killlers Hairstyle Ridiculous All These Damn Guild Costumes I Dont See What The Big Deal Is Running Around With With An Army Bigger Then Chris Wallace Pissed Off Kuz Zeth And Merc Missed All This Watch All These Cheap Imitations Of Em Get Known Off Em While I Sit Back Getting Nautious Starting Chaos Like Im Anti AoA, And Its My Instinct To Smash Abc Dont Get Me Started All I See In My Sever Now Is Ppl Smileing What Ever Happen To Wildn Out And Being Violent What Ever Happen To Catching A Good Ol Noob And Give Em A Kicking Like EU Servers Mike Tyson
  4. I know who it is they keep doing it because they dont like me Shes a racist but if i say her name she'll delete this post but this she person Im talking about is a racist
  5. To whom this may concern Since I'm in a position to talk to these kids and they listen I ain't no politician but I'll kick it with em a minute Cause see, they call me a menace and if the shoe fits I'll wear it But if it don't, then ya'll swallow the truth grin and bear it Now who's the king of these rude ludicrous lucrative lyrics? Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics? Using his music to steer it sharing his views and his message But there's a huge interference, they're saying, "You shouldn't hear it." Maybe it's hatred I spew, maybe it's food for the spirit Maybe it's beautiful music I made for you to just cherish But I'm debated, disputed, hated and viewed in Warspear as a mother drug addict like you didn't experiment? Now now, that's when you start to stare at who's in the mirror and see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrassed And I got nothing to do but make you look stupid as children to bad u didnt have good parents You do-gooders - too bad you couldn't DO-GOOD at marriage! And do you have any clue what I had to do to get here I don't think you do so stay tuned and keep your ears glued to the stereo Cause here we go, he's {MIGga Me Murda da chick murder Jigga} Its the sinister, Mr. as just got pissed its THE RRRReneeGade RENEGADE! Never been afraid to say what's on my mind at, any given time of day Cause I'm a RENEGADE! Never been afraid to talk about anything (ANYTHING) anything (ANYTHING), RENEGADE! See, I'm a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare Pvp God the King of this Modern Day Warspear here To shatter the picture in which of that as they paint me as a monger of hate, But that ain't the case, see, it's a matter of taste We as a people decide if murders as bad as they say he is Or is he the ladder, a gateway to escape? Media scapegoat, they can be mad at today See, it's as easy as cake, simple as whistling Dixie while I'm waving the daggers at sixty Devs and mods against me Go to war with the Mormons, take a bath with the Catholics in holy water no wonder they try to hold me under longer I'm a spiteful, delightful eyeful Pvp caves Ice Cube, hate to like you What did I do? (huh) I'm just a kid from the gutter making his butter off these RENEGADEEE warning stop deleting my pages
  6. The last of a dieing breed
  7. Best priest in the server 1/2 of the B.O.Dz brothers of destruction
  8. Zacvii Alba and Rapi u 3 were some of our most loyal members sorry for havin to kick u You 3 still part of my ws family and i always got ur backs no matter what
  9. What use to be known as eu servers most dangerous guild is now coming to an end My only hope is that people dont forget our history when we started we were originally Only the second mc guild in our server for 9 months we went to war with kaizen and FoF And when it was all set and done EpM came out ontop now that there are 100s of guilds they Refer to us as "the noob lvl 1 guild" but i remind this server what people had to remind me EpM paid the way for the newer guilds now days we had such an impact on our server weeks after Our victories a guild update came i cant say EpM is the reason that update was created but I can say we were the very first guild n history to clash the way we did i also remind people That this "noob lvl 1 guild" had some of the biggest legends in our servers history so if the panda mob Must come to an end all i ask is that people remember r history and show us our respect and recognition For all that we accomplished before these newer guilds were even created And to my EpM family and to the ex Panda Council some of us have had our differences But at the end of the day we all our responsible for the history of our server and for that I thank all of you for being apart of the family And to the remaining few EpM fans understand why we cant recruit new members Understand that the orginal 15 epm members were a family And it is impossible to replace them That being said..... These pictures our all epm orginal members Ty Special shouts out to Zethu Kronikstab Darkstarz Fuccer and my little homie Gzz They weren't around when the pictures were being taken however they r still part of What was once known as EU's most dangerous group
  10. Females these days i swear somebody's getting all serious and emotional and al capone like my hero never a queer and how am i a wigger if im black?
  11. Freestyle Friday No Foul language watch me kill this girl Man it's freestyle Friday kid No cussin in my rap bill cosbeys kid Get murderd with the ink like gotti n dem Got a infinite amount of ammo just to smash this chick Freestyle killa ima start a killin spree Reply to my raps i knock yo head to infinity Even buzz light year went past infinity I dont really diss girls + she kinda cute But she shoulda kept her mouth closed and stayed on mute No ceiling no lid still raise the roof My server praise murd tell em face the truth Freestyle Friday she get wrecked in life U sure its a girl or a guy in real life G.I.R.L for those who dont understand my types I love when women open they mouth so Infinitoo my favorite type If I'm an idiot this female the brainless type OKE all my targets gettin hanged tonight
  12. OKE Ayo ayo ayo look ayo look ayo ayo ayo Roca told me get em so... Ayo ayo ya ayo I hate these rich niggas dammit Kuz my chars never really had a lot dammit Who zain have to hack who he have to scam who he had to join just to make it where he at dammit Its throwback thursday ♥♥♥♥♥ Ima smash who aint worthy ♥♥♥♥♥ Cut em up no surgery ♥♥♥♥♥ My flow lethal like daggers n pistols I leave these guild hoppin ♥♥♥♥♥s crippled Scar faces no al Pacino Pvps heavyweight and middle finger to whoever dont believe so Like i give a duck what this kid thinks tho Yo I'm the type to find u around the server and take yo life Zain claim sos zain get smoked on sight They say murd got em horrified like a poltergeist I just think its funny how these ♥♥♥♥♥s change over night Chewed up and spit out no overbite Give me a reason to rap a reason to type I give em reasons to run for they life OPERATION KILL EVERYBODY
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