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  1. A pic that I took today, and Cherry it's bienvenue not benvenue xD
  2. I will never forget EPM, it was a cool family :drinks: :'(
  3. Could I get votes of others members for my entry into ABC ? :pardon:
  4. Thank's Brisign! I'll be happy to join you ;D
  5. the earring on any side mean nothing specially, but I prefered put it on my left xD
  6. I've didn't saw.. the mobile version load slower than at pc.. :nea:
  7. Everyone got a different name in game and at forum, I never know when it's a man or a girl..
  8. Sorry for my bad english then :nea:
  9. Thank's to you bro, I will do my best with quests, and i changed my pass yesterday, so only me can play on my account. :)
  10. :pleasantry: Yo ABC members! Im the rogue Dgray, Im looking to join your guild to be serious about quests etc.. and to be funny too, I know the most of members and I know you are all funny..anyway, here's is my real life ! My name is Pierre, Im 16, I like to draw, parties and sex, Im french and I don't know what to say more, I hope you will accept me into your guild, thank's for reading and sorry for my bad english..here is a pic of me, and thank's again! :good:
  11. Gratz to the winners... but the alligator costume is made with the body of Cat set from miracle shop... " Using other people's works and/or downloaded from the internet works - disqualification " But gratz.
  12. Thanks everyone for replys! Reaper I just saw it look like a bat, but no it isn't Batman emblem xD
  13. Maybe because it's stolen work. Heroes of Order & Chaos -> Debronee/Inquisistor
  14. Hey Warspear players ! I did a draw on paper and in pixels on computer (with paint :dirol: ) and wrote a story for show you where is from my costume ! - Sandar gave iron to Aken and he made his armor himself by hunting boars, his costume got : - An iron helm. - A leather epaulet with iron spikes. - An iron belt. - The fabric of his cloack and pants is made of cotton. Sorry for my bad english and enjoy ! :drinks: The story of our hero start here : One day, someone beached on the banks of Arinar, his name was " Aken ", fortunately for him, a man of the name of Sandar saw him, he healed and took him at is home the time he will be set on right again. One week later, when it was the case, a monster which the habitants of Arinar called Hydra appeared above the Puma Clan, Aken made a weapon with some wood and iron and went to the fight, alone ! he quickly got the upper hand over the animal and pushed it to get lost in the " Norlant Swamps " , when he was back at the town of " Nadir ", he was applauded as a hero. Sandar, witness of his exploits named him as defender of Arinar , but very fast, his post swerved towards the Astral Labyrinth, near the banks where he had beached, the monsters of the nothingness kept there tried to go out from it by the two doors...and Aken had to face them day after day, Sandar strongly disadvised him to enter in it, because all the proud warriors of Arinar who tried to do it has been killed there in the front of the strenghts of the chaos.... Three years passed, but Aken was still guarding the two doors.... fights became harder, and he had many difficulties to defeat the monsters of the nothingness..one day, when he was still fighting them, he has get snatched by one of the door ! he started a long fight... he tried to escape but monsters was blocking the way out, Aken understood and seized his spear, he ran and had to crush every monsters which was one his way !... finally he reached a place which looked like the end of the Labyrinth, Aken was exhausted..but two horrible monsters, one red and the other blue with one eye on their each faces appeared and Aken had to face them ! the fight was strong...too strong they broked the magical shield of the Astral Labyrinth and get out of there by crushing the mountain !.. the two astral door were separated by a mass of rubbles. Now the fight was going to his end... Aken was too exaust for fight, and the two monsters on an ultimate attack let him near of the death ! they backed into the Astral Labyrinth... Sandar came !... but too late... Aken was going to die... he asked him to take his armor and don't move his corpse of place because he wanna be in the History of Arinar. Today, if you go at any gate of the Astral Labyrinth, you still can see the corpse of Aken...and since this day, the armor of Aken, the warrior, dead for his country is given to the strongest warriors of Arinar !!
  15. Shine dark Im not gay, idk who you are, Im not a disturber.
  16. duck Boris Vian, he is french so we study him at school xD
  17. ;D no I don't know Dorian grey, I heard it's an actor or something like that but my name don't come from him ;D
  18. Hi ABC , I want to join your guild :blush: I don't know if you get places and if all your members will accept me but I ask if it's possibe to join your guild, thanks for reading and maybe see you inside ABC :drinks:
  19. :pleasantry: That's me :pleasantry:
  20. Demofap ! nice one but... I made a draw, just have to put black pen and you will cry bro :blush: :pleasantry:
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