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  1. These are the probable items chestniy cracked out from test game files (perhaps!!). I posted his VK link.. you may check if I missed something
  2. I think they removed the guild tour win requirement from the nadir DG..now we need high level guild only to enter i hope.
  3. @Daria do we have to compete to other guilds to kill the bosses ( In boss layer of-course) or just single boss for single guild just like dgs?
  4. @Dariawhen is the test available? And Are those bosses available only for event ? How long the event will last? Wait for release note
  5. You raised a good point, but also think about how BD can deal 1.5k basic attack equipping heavy armour
  6. @Reivenorik the app used to ask all type of permissions (just like contact,location,storage and call) before, now its just asking for storage access only.... Can you please describe it ?
  7. Tour signs are pretty lucky
  8. Suppose your locality has electricity problem, then what do you do ? You go to mayor ask to solve the problems, not leave the whole country for this.
  9. All you can get as compensation from Devs is repair and tp scroll
  10. Totally irrelevant.. stop behaving like kids (unless you are a kid)
  11. They don't care.. all they care about how much money people spent on stams on bugged event
  12. Can we expect new update after this event? @Reivenorik
  13. Consider it as punishment for killing innocents in arena
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