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  1. Oh i didn't wanted to dissapoint you "cries in a corner"
  2. lols, no Peter, many times i get this question.
  3. Its my first time i participate at any beauty contest so here i am. Name: Arnye Class: Necromancer Level: 15 Realm: EU-EMERALD
  4. Metamorphine

    SMS Service

    Hello there, i cannot use my ingame account name in SMS Service to buy Miracle Coins, i tried the search function but i didn't found anything helpful. I need help.
  5. Its strange because for me it didn't refresh for maybe 3 days
  6. Metamorphine

    Free mcoins

    Hello there,i have problem i don't know if it's a bug or is ment to be like this,but when i want to use the "free miracle coins" in game,the Fyber link doesn't refresh with new possible "quests" like it should i guess everyday. Is there any solution to this?
  7. It will cost mcoins to create any of these classes?please answer..because i would creat a hunter
  8. Everythings good except the gold drop amount... We got more gold from the trash the mobs dropped... Now only 1-2 gold with a "chance".
  9. Awesome update, i like the gold drop idea a lot. Also would be nicev getting exp from the killed mobs as well, but I'm sure this will be implemented too.
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