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  1. hi, please help me win a huawei ascend mate or g526 pleaseee vote for me here: http://b.dry.lt/weqw3o
  2. i used to buy mcoin frequently to equip my characters and trade items because i dont have enought time to hunt for drops.. and exactly the last paragraph on first post is in spanish, im from Venezuela too, im the leader of WsLatino on EU-Emerald and i also have lost interest on playing warspear... in the name of all wslatino members and other venezuelan players including me, i hope u devs can restore the sms service to Venezuela
  3. people already has posted this issue before but seems that devs wanna keep stealing the players with that pop-up!
  4. we all want this option... has been suggested before the email system but devs never answered-.-'
  5. i think its better idea make the game aviable for psp/ds
  6. hi, idk if u noticed, but where it was the circus tent on kamp gasphel, now people cant walk on there o.o
  7. if u play the game on a 10" tablet u can see almost the whole map
  8. yes i tryed, but i like it better the desktop version of forum;) thank's for answer, i hope to see it soon aviable on tapatalk ;)
  9. devs/mods can u make this possible?
  10. primer vídeo del clan :) buena muchachos!
  11. totally agree with this suggestion, tanks should have something on atacks that focus boss agro on him(withou spend 4 skill points on taunt lv5 wich is useless on PvP) because most of times ranged classes stole agro due to higher atack...
  12. i agree with this suggestion, paladins need their own cloak 17 with astral bonus + dodge/parry like mage need his own 17 cape with sun + dodge
  13. totally agree, i think guild tournament should be redesignedonly the ones who most expend $$$ on game wins.. lol -.-'
  14. i think that it should stay like it is now. but when someone taunts an enemy, he can atack only the one who taunted him while effect lasts i think this way it should be better..
  15. i think devs can add the amulet and cloak rewarded by arena season to the arena seller, doesnt matter the price, so everyone could have it, not just only the rich-spam-tickets -.-
  16. I support this thread, devs please make a cape for mages! Or at least answer this: Why warlocks have their exclusive cape and mages not? >:C
  17. Guild WsLatino and WsLatinoII are sentinel on EU server http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=85005.msg507267#msg507267
  18. hi i have a question, warspear runs fine on cm 10.2 android 4.3? because i want change my rom but i need to know if it works fine.. thx
  19. i dont think that scatter shot for minion as a good idea.. they can send the monster further on other monsters and u will agro other(s) monster(s)
  20. yeah, lot of ppl wants to know where arena season ends for spend the ap before they reset it.. im saving for my 2nd arena staff 17 got like 5800 and i dont wanna lose my points and start again -.- i use only the free tickets xD
  21. i think and suggest that make those cloak and symbol buy-able for arena points at arena trader its stupid that only rich -ticket spammers- players will get those items.. yeah lets give more power to them! i think its ok if u give them as reward for top rank, they get it before everyone else because at arena season end the ap reset and the rest of people have to start collect ap for buy new items.. just my humble opinion..
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