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  1. Lvl 28, no experts :thumbs_up1:

  2. cough Dimvit cough This is really offtopic now
  3. If you decide to quit t was nice knowing you from forums
  4. So u saying that nerf dont affect dks as much as other classes?
  5. Its because they dont have anything else to do and/or warspear is their second home
  6. But if these get nerfed then all dks will have same kind of build. Now theres atleast some unique builds
  7. And also skill build is important (for healers)
  8. Also nobody has ever asked me if i have expert skills or not. I think its because main skills that pt needs are necro's and priest's starting skills
  9. We shall see if i get invited to hero techno when i get 446 rep Today someone was looking for necro for easy-hero techno Stillfeelsbadman
  10. Jcbreff


    Why post picture of yourself here while there is entire topic dedicated to players real life pictures
  11. How did you get dmg skill to 4/5 without knowing how to upgrade skills?
  12. He bought and spended so much mcoins that prices dropped really hard Just compare prices on eu-elf and eu-mc
  13. Some ideas Spirit Summons monster that has % of dmg,defs and hp of necromancer 1/4 could be 25% of necro attributes, it would last 10 sec 2/4 could be 50% of necro attributes, would last 15 sec 3/4 could be 75% of necro attributes, would last 20 sec 4/4 could be 100% of necro attributes,would last 30 sec It wouldnt follow necro but attack nearest hostile mob/enemy. Cd would be 1 min Spirit of Vengeance Summons monster that deals % of necro mdmg every x second and when killed/time ends would do 10% of enemy max hp as dmg 1/4 deals 5% of necro mdmg every 5 sec and lasts 10 sec 2/4 deals 7.5% of necro mdmg every 5 sec and lasts 10 sec 3/4 deals 10% of necro mdmg every 5 sec and lasts 10 sec 4/4 deals 10% of necro dmg every 5 sec and lasts 15 sec Cd could be 1-2min for all levels Call for help Summons 1 random party member from same area that necro is in to necro and give them defense buff 1/4 would give 10% buff to both defenses 2/4 would give 20% buff 3/4 would give 30% buff 4/4 would give 40% buff I have more skill ideas but theyre not summon skills anymore
  14. Skill: Bladedancer's wrath Does % dmg to enemy passing through resilience and defense (fero affects) 1/4 50% 2/4 100% 3/4 150% 4/4 200% dokt even try to take this seriously
  15. First: you dont have to give account password Second:if tou give them your password they will either scam you or report that you gave account information What about hassn. Our economy still hasnt returned to normal which is good for f2p players
  16. Then prices would drop and mcoiners would lose one income
  17. The reason why Almost nobody kills elm these days
  18. Techically that is 2 sentences
  19. What if we all are just part of the One then there wouldnt be two Ok i have no idea what im speaking now
  20. Its secret how to solo lembert but its bot secret how to solo lambert (op gears)
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