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Found 5 results

  1. Ритуал Племени Анимация после обновление выглядит как от Реликвии Проворства и выглядит будто ритуал бустит только скорость атаки иногда юзаю скил и думаю что это реликвия прокнула а не скил, сделайте нормальную анимацию скила например как у жц только темные крылья или зеленые как выглядит сам Ритуал
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a player who doesn't like high lvl chars and i really enjoy doing arena at lower lvl, and the fact that there are no profitable things to earn gold except dungeons for lower lvls is killing me. Few years back at AA there were bosses like snorlar, demonologist etc.. and each of them dropped unique costume. Now there is hydra which drops weapons worth 5k and it takes so long to kill which doesn't make any sense.. So i've been thinking about how to improve position of lower lvls and it came to my mind that you could add a raid boss, something like in ayvondil which would be avaliable ONLY FOR LVL 20'S AND BELOW! We don't need high lvls to disturb us. It should drop unique costume and non class skill book and bars,craft resources etc. and its reset time would be 24h It shouldn't be easy to finish so my suggestion is to make it impossible to do without a very good party or more, like 500 boss damage with skills, and 6-8 mobs with 10k hp which respawn every 2 minutes or something like that so lower lvls could be active again and help eachother. Main goal is to keep high lvls out of there so it would be nice to create something like a portal or an area where you can only enter if you have a quest (which doesn't give experience ) and that quest wouldn't be avaliable for people of lvl 21 and higher. Its really sad that right now at spring event you added skill books to dungeons and only lvl 24+ highers can get it unless you do dungeons which aren't really made for lower lvls. In that case I think you should make solo dungeons with easy/hard/heroic mode and make them drop even in lower lvl dungeons but in heroic mode only or something like that. Except raid boss, you should also add something farmable but profitable like faceless and spawn, also not easy enough to solo kill it, because teamwork is always more fun. It should drop expert books and costume, bars,craft resources.. Dungeons are really boring and they always drop the same stuff so their price just drops more and more. Bosses became useless and not even worth killing. Also you might add something like gvg in nadir but also for lvls below 20, but instead of guild vs guild (because there are no good guilds full of lower lvls) you should make it party vs party, so first 10 parties who kill all the bosses get some chests which drop books or other stuff like weapons or craft gears ( for example lvl 17 would get lvl 17 chest and inside he can only get lvl 17 armors and weapons ) My main goal is to give lower lvls something worth farming, so adding any kind of boss which drops good items is fine, but i like the idea of raid boss and boss the most. Leave your comments, opinions and disagreements down below.
  3. @snorlax Türkçe Forum Var Lakin Önüne Gelen Yabancı Moderatör Konuları Kilitleyebiliyor mu ? BU NE REZİLLİK? YA DEVLET BAŞA YA KUZGUN LEŞE DEMİŞLER İŞTE ŞUAN KUZGUNLAR SALDIRIYOR
  4. Aslında Konu Tam Başlığı Türkçe Dil Desteği Talebi Ve Her Zengin Hesaptan Atılan Reportların Haklı Görülerek Şikayet Edilen Oyuncu Az Para Yatırdıysa Banlanması @snorlax Bu Yeni Yetme , Özellikle Kız Moderatörler Öyle Güzel Dayanışma İçindelerki ... Tüm Kız Modları Topladım Neredeyse Şu Konuya :) Gerçi Kendi Patronları Dahi ( @snorlax ) Sallamadı. Konuyu Daha Fazla Uzamadan Kapattılar. Bu Konu Kapatılamaz Çünkü Taverna da Açılmıştır.Türk Oyuncular Konuşmaya İstediği Zaman Katılabilir. Türkçe Dil Desteği Talebini 2012 Den Beri Sallamıyorlar Yıl 2050 de Olsa Sallamayacakları Anlaşıldı. Ah Unutmadan İyi Uykular Tatlı Rüyalar @snorlax
  5. BOSS İS @snorlax Hello Big Boss Snorlax. First,Please Read This Topic. We are (Turk Players) have a few request. We are want block rules alleviate. Blocking is not good. İf Aigrind company Block Rules be alleviate ,All Peoples Play War Spear . Else too much lose players each day. and We are want Turkish Language. We wait 6 year.We think enought 6 year. We Trust You You Boss and You can Thanks For Reading :) Sincerely :)
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