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  1. https://forum.warspear-online.com/ you can also click the warspear online logo or "home" button at the top of international forum
  2. then you would run the risk of having bots farm those mobs
  3. i mean it wouldnt make too much sense to ban players for being toxic, you could chat ban them but that wouldnt solve population being fractured neither side is "underpopulated" because you can create a character to either side but other side might just have more active players and that is up to players themselves
  4. there is a slight problem with deciding what is offensive and what isnt, some things might be offensive to others but not all and language barriers are a problem
  5. so far there are 3 of these in this topic there is no reason to spam the same kinds of comments, if they wanted to answer to when bp gifting will be available they would have done so already
  6. hp bar can display 0 of you heal using any source but you take damage before it displays the healing
  7. So they dont have separate limit and you can get daily 900 knowledge by either doing arena, quests or combination or both? Then they should acknowledge the risks of trading stuff that you cant get the gold for at the same time unless you use 2nd account One reason why they have made it so battle pass isnt an item might so that nobody forgets it in their bag or personal storage because after the season ends it would be utterly useless
  8. Waiting for the first person who "accidentally" gifts it I mean its supposed to be a gift ans those are usually given without any expectation to get anything back right away
  9. the comments that i hid werent even comparisons, they were just complaints about existing classes without even mentioning beastcaller in them
  10. your cooldown buff is increased based on gifts of chaos skill its attack speed is turned into cooldown same way as other sources of attack speed
  11. there were few comments that didnt even mention beastcaller
  12. dont go offtopic This is feedback on innovations, not complain about existing classes
  13. not me because there are many things that prevent this firstly the technical side which has been labeled as technically impossible secondly who would have castles and legendary achievements and thirdly event times are different across the servers so merging them would make them worse for either mejority
  14. i meant that since russian had it, we will have it too easier for them to communicate with russian speakers
  15. russians had their closed testing which i guess counted as stages 1 and 2
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