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  1. :facepalm: Im on the first island helping newbies O:-)
  2. 2. There should be a mobile device (phone, tablet) running Warspear Online. Only mobile devices :shok: O:-) ?
  3. We need to wait 2 more weeks :drinks:
  4. or add "f*ck yeah" face :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I heard you like my Hot keys :dirol:
  6. Knox used Wolf! Its super effective :tease:
  7. I like to collect free potions and scrolls ;D
  8. Ignore him/her before fight starts ;D ;D
  9. All we know 1 miracle coin = 100 gold. For those ppl who dont want to spent too much gold here is a tip for miracle shop items: Example: Sign of Imperishability = 59 miracle coins , add 2x 0 (zeros) and it will be 5900 then increase the number with 100 and it will be 6000 and after this divide by 2 so it will become 3000 (GOLD). The regular price of Sign is 3000gold :) so you can use this system for any other Miracle Shop items (EXCEPT SPHERES). Sorry for bad english :blush: Hope this will help you.
  10. Deathknight : Most wanted Necromancer : Evil Chick-Dude Paladin : Troll Priest : Jesus :lol:
  11. Thats a very nice idea you've got there :drinks:
  12. A normal story....(maybe for all of us) When I first started playing Warspear online it was a very bad day for me.I dont remember the time I started playing but I know it was a school day. I wanted to download Warspear because I have played it in past till level 2.I wanted to continue to see how the whole game is.I realized that I had to start a new character because the other one was made just for fun.I reached level 2. The first difficult task was to kill 15 rats. It definitely took me 10 minutes to finish.I done some missions to kill animals and to collect all kinds of stuff and I finally got level 4.Then I realized I must explore more part of the map.At level 6 or 7, I dontremember, I realized that the game becomes difficult and I should have colleagues or friends to help me do missions because one cant do anything.The biggest mistake I made was to buy a sword for level 9, and I I was only level 7:(. I was frustrated but then I realized that there was not so much till level 9. I just had to make easy missions by myself.When I had only 10 experience to level 9 I kept saying "Come on! I must do Another Freakin ' mission "After I made level 9 and put my sword, I realized that everything has become much easier! (Except the bosses). After a week I made level 12 and I had no more normal missions only bosses. I had to go to the nearest town to get help. Someone needed help aswell so I've got invited to the party. The party has 4 players on total, some players were level 15.After we beated Druid, I was so happy! I said "Thank you so much" and someone replied "Ty too:D" and then I left the party .After few days, I beat all the bosses with various parties. (Except Torar). The best part came barely now! Leaving the island! The first time I had some missions on the second island (I was on the second island when it was Christmas [1 gold]). After some time I made level 14. I have seen other players that gave a great damage ! I asked: "Can you show your axe?". They showed me it and they said that I must have level 15 + a lot of Arena Points.My last mission was to make level 15 and after, collecting points. I did daily quests until I made 15.After 5 days since I'd done the 15, I took that axe that those players said its the best.IT WAS too good! I helped a few players with lower level to increase in level and I killed elves with different parties.This game is not just to be the best, but to be the best friend of all players! (not all xD ...) My really last mission....is to get.... LEVEL 20. (This text is translated,so sorry for REALLY bad english) Hope you like it.
  13. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rofl: :rofl:
  14. Nothing its impossible bro :pleasantry:
  15. To all players who got the same problem just delete some daily quests , log out and then login again ;)
  16. hmm i had 25 quests in total but then i deleted some of them but they are still not showing in the map P.S. Nevermind, now its working :) And thanks for replys. they were really helpful (not only for me,but whole society ) :drinks:
  17. For? I still have daily quests and its not a problem because they are not showing on the map I just wanted to report this bug :D
  18. Already did. still not showing
  19. 20-03-2012 WAR We fought back :dirol: We are not always chattin and staying in towns like cowards (because we arent :) )
  20. The exclamation points are not showing on the map but i still have daily quests. :unknw:
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