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  1. I guess you are a newbie and you don't know about old leaders :) vbima, lordbloody, legionn etc.
  2. New generation wars don't seem to be good like before. We used to have a good leader and everybody listened to him/her. Nowadays nobody listens to a leader and do what they want. So everyone dies in a rush. And it doesn't seem to be fun to make war anymore.
  3. Kaan

    My Posters

    Nice posters my friend!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/WarsPearTurkiye?ref=ts&fref=ts We have the most people in Facebook in a page after Warspear Online official page. Why do you think?
  5. Try downloading SISX-FILE and see if it works.
  6. Büyük ihtimalle gelicek zaten.
  7. Its because he clicks too slow? :pardon:
  8. Kaan


    Actually he adds diffrent numbers on the end of his name so he can unfourtunately spam forever.
  9. 4.5k Def 430 Damage Why are you showing off :bad:
  10. Kaan

    Map correction

    Can you see the little piece that has to be a part of mountain that looks like a grass?
  11. Kaan


    If you mean Zttempt He/she is allready getting banned by developers but he/she comes again everyday with a new IP.
  12. Taverna'ya bir göz at zaten açılıyor.
  13. Bir süre bunu kullanıcaz sanırım :pardon:
  14. It is just disabled for a while...
  15. We BDs were allways a bad class... :facepalm:
  16. Kaan

    Map correction

    Why do I allways see noobs who think they know everything? Its still disame noob.
  17. Kaan

    Map correction

    Just look at my left.
  18. I never thought of BD wearing crossbows...
  19. Sanirim ekran goruntusu ve gorev hakkinda daha cok bilgi vermen gerekecek.
  20. Rogues might also get crossbows.
  21. They are allready making the things you said :)
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