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  1. :blush: Thank you very much Gin, TheCore was in existence since long bro.. we just got ourselves listed out here today.. :drinks:
  2. :blush: Thank you Shyleen.. All the best to u too.. :good:
  3. Hmm don't worry there also level 20 elves who can help u ... Chainless Quests are tough but worth the effort and u learn to appreciate your character.. good luck to you.. contact me in game...
  4. Hmm I think the previous Society tab was much better :facepalm: lot of clicks on phone to see location...
  5. Hope market starts soon ... lot of trading to be done .... :drinks:
  6. :good: :good: excellent stuff devs .. my kudos to also those who hav made such good suggestions..
  7. Happy Anniversary !!! Keep up the good work devs... :good:
  8. All this info has really increased my apettite for the game... :good: good job guys..
  9. Hey snorlax hope u guys post some info atleast when servers go down.. :drinks:
  10. Worth waiting for this update... gr888 job guys keep goin... :good: :good: :good:
  11. :good: very good.. like the idea alot..
  12. dirtfox

    Thanks, :)

    LOL :lol: i love this post ... thx for lettin us know...
  13. Cool like the way the continuity is done :good:
  14. :search: atleast now we can expect to get rid of the lag... :good:
  15. hope devs will the fix the servers .. lags killing ... :facepalm:
  16. ;D ;D Demonologist's Suit ;D ;D
  17. Gr888 devs :good: ... good balancing act .. Its time to see the actual results..
  18. ;D nice pics ... a small correction, these are from last year... i know when i am beaten so i run.. but on the other thand u and ur friends seem to love hunting me... hmmm wonder why ?? Ohh by the way Happy 2013.. :drinks:
  19. I like to spar with good players bro but i dont get personal... ur char may be strong and u a good player :good: but u as a person cud be better than that.. :drinks:
  20. looks like i have struck a RAW NERVE :drinks:
  21. ;D go get ur friends or even better use stealth to catch some unsuspecting elf ... why do u care if they lies .. we both know whats the truth :crazy:
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