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  1. Ok here's a completed version of my costume idea...
  2. Really awesome costumes. Love the red and green one. Could you put some embroidery on the cape just like the barbarian's novice outfit? Would be cool then... Anyway, great job. You're a sure winner with this one...
  3. It looks really cool. Would be even cooler if all of that could be fitted into the pixel format of the game. Why is for females only? Can you make a similar male costume?
  4. I like the bronze one better... Would be cool if we could get that 'Crusader Costume' in black with a red cross... :)
  5. That's a cool looking costume. Great Job and good luck...
  6. Watch out people. After the 'Troll Costume' comes the 'Joker Costume'... Good idea, mate. Does make the character look comical. But the idea of the joker costume should be that it should contain 2-3 colours instead of a single colour... Anyway, good luck, mate and cheers :drinks:
  7. I like the minotaur costume. But you could lose the anklets there. Just put bracers on the wrists and boots. Would make the barbarian, DK and Paladin look mean... Good luck though... :drinks:
  8. Here's my entry into the competition. I call my costume as 'Lucian's Legion'. It contains elements from the 'Death Knight's Dress' and 'Forest Wolf' costumes. I've retained the armor and the cape of the Death Knight and incorporated the head, hands and legs of the Wolf. I was trying to change the pattern of the cape to incorporate the embroidery done on the 'Barbarian's Outfit' but I found that the cape sizes didn't match. Anyway, am working on the back part. Let me know what you all think. Cheers... :drinks:
  9. Abey pagal ho gaya hai kya chodu? Aa to gaya wapas? Abhi Paladin se khelta hoon... Actually take my Paladin in... The BD can stay out of the guild till you guys reach level 3. But after level 3 the BD has to come in at any cost... ;)
  10. Nobody has got minions so far. Only the scrolls to summon them. There's a quest which will get you those scrolls. I found it on the first island of Chosen faction. Don't know if it is there on second island...
  11. You people have far too many expectations with the minion upgrade. The upgrade is to allow you to :pleasantry: summon :pleasantry: minions. So it is supposed to go away after a specific time. And no, they can't be upgraded, armored, trained or thought new skills because what's the point when they'll go away after the 20 min time frame... Doesn't it make sense? Anyway, that's just me. Devs can correct me if I'm wrong...
  12. Elandir

    Paladin Stats

    @Darkargx: I like your paladin's stats. What gear do you use and what runes and crystals did you enchant your guy with?
  13. Can we see something on Blackberry? ::) (I know it sounds lame)
  14. My most fun thing in WS? Two words: Avenger Stelae :yahoo:
  15. Good job with the Guild upgrade, devs. Its this kind of good work that has brought me back. Can't say the same about the minions though. I don't think it'll be wise to waste money on scrolls. I'd rather do quests and get those scrolls for coin or as quest rewards or loot...
  16. My in-game time per day has reduced to 2-3 hours tops from whole day now that I'm working and all... :'(
  17. Well, I've started with a Paladin now. I have to say Mace+Shield works quite well. What I want to know is what crystal+rune combo should be used on my 1h mace and on my shield?
  18. Try uninstalling the current version and then install the new version...
  19. Same way as Elves keep getting 1h weapons... :facepalm: Keep it. They should come to be useful later...
  20. It doesn't have to be those very costumes. They need to be something like those two because quite frankly, the current costumes don't look so appealing to buy...
  21. Oh ok. Well maybe you guys didn't start here. But a lot of noobish MCs just have a field day jumping elves in Ashalarh Cave. Nevermind, you play on US and I play on EU. So peace out and have fun... ;D
  22. I've never seen elves doing that. When elves hunt MC, they go to Nadir-Sard or Western Caravans...
  23. Oh and the Forsaken Characters having green lips is very manly... :rofl:
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