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  1. oh no, im sure they will never delete such a sexy chars :blush:
  2. I like the idea. This game should have more pvp options, like big wars or this idea. Keep on it. :drinks:
  3. Cant you read? Snorlax said that your char was deleted and new was made with the same name. Sorry bro, you must start it over.
  4. Yeah, he rocks on this forum! Thx Snorlax for being always with us and for your neverending patience. :drinks:
  5. Hi there, can you explain this logic? I was upsent and im not in topic at all:(
  6. Sorry Saber but u lose everytime you are arguing with pvprange. It depends on your lack in english and lack in arguments. You act like a king of this game and forum And all youre wishes must come true. This is not true, you are the same as one you are smiting. Nothing more.
  7. guwer87


    Dajesz dajesz Arciu! :good:
  8. No w koncu kwintesencja tej gry zostala zauwazona i poprawiona, teraz bedzie pusto w miastach bo wszyscy na arenach:)
  9. Magmos - mozna na luzie pogadac, Xerito - pomocny, ogolnie wporzadku gosc, Poza tym bylo wielu fajnych graczy, ale pozmieniali nicki i trudno sie teraz mi polapac bo dawno nie gralem. ALe dzieki za dobre chwile w grze, pozdrawiam wszystkich. :drinks:
  10. hehe yes, it takes liitle time to get to lvl 2, so you will have many many characters on lvl 2, and you will ask to delete all inactive lvl 2 chars, then everybody will go to lvl 3 and then... :lol: :lol:
  11. add some % to old not pro players, like me:P
  12. Disaster, we cant finish with warspear, oh no :diablo: Maybe ufo kidnapped him?
  13. Exactly. I want to press -> [i like]
  14. I think that only devs know this.
  15. Most parties need smart ppl. It noe depends which class you play, if u smart enough, then every class is good.
  16. Tell me honestly, if you really dont care, why you made this topic? :facepalm: Somewhere inside you, you care. Really. I know it. I care too. I have pointless minuses too. AND I CARE. But i dont make new topics about my bad karma. I dont like your bahavior. I thought you were different.
  17. Yeah, lets do the valentines day in december, for two weeks, and give ability to kiss with enemies (yuuuck) :lol: :lol:
  18. Would you go naked if u could easily win and get ap fast?
  19. You wanna gift code for free internet? i have two :lol: :lol: OMG :facepalm: ROTFL :facepalm: LOL :facepalm: I have no words to describe you.. Pls stop playing this game.. PLEASE!!! You are not worth playing this game. Stupidity achieved the highest lvl. OMG "free gift code" :lol: :lol: I cant resist it.
  20. guwer87


    For me players who quit and come back in few days are always funny :lol:
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