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  1. OMG!! I cant wait to play on my Symbian.. :( :( what i can do is just see the screenshots from those who can play especially Pc players :( please fix it fast! Its not fair... those people already start create new charachter/class and leveling up .. while us just waiting for Kuzmitch post.. Its not fun anymore..our friend is leveling up but us still level 1..we suppose to leveling up together...quest together... Ohh crap!! Please fix this Data Cathing problems plese
  2. And why Priest staff have same Sun stat like Mage? they both have same 98 sun on lvl 15 staff? The different just priest have more 98 sun and 98 astral for heal.. Trololol
  3. -True....amp system is really sucks...yesterday set sign are more cheaper,it cost 328 mc,so i bought 400sign=13120mc rather than it normal prices 400 sign=18760 :wacko: . I use all of it to increase my attack and i just success level up both of my sword to +9 and +7. I thought it can success to +10 :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: .This game are really sick,it just took 80 USD to amp weapons to make it +9 and +7.Where is my LUCK??? :( :( -New skill? LOL :crazy: there will be 6 new classes,altogether 12 classes.Im sure Aigrind will make another unbalanced on skill though..I wonder why they just not add those new classes skill to old ones? forget about new faction and even they make new faction,why they create another heal classes? Priest and Necromancer?It just useless unless Druid and Shaman cant heal the chosen and forsaken... instant heal are more good than normal heal..wait and see on version 3.0.. :unknw: -I dont understand why this game make MIRACLE COINS as an important currency in the game,without mc you cant play smart?. there are not important items on the mc shop that suppose to be sell by GOLD, e.g potions,scroll.. and those newbies packages bag and extra pocket should be a GIFT/STARTED PACKAGED to the new players and us can received a gift bag too when we reaced level 5,10,15,20 etc..inside the bag we can found an item that used to amp our armours/weapon or maybe a costume :blush: :blush: ?.. Aigrind just force their players to buy more mc :aggressive: :aggressive: forget about my english 8)
  4. Redzsha

    Fix population

    MCs are good though cause they got better skill for war and thats why MCs cavaran and legion are near so that ppl can call everyone who at legion and cavaran so easily while FBs,Kamp Riff are so far from north cavaran(where always MCs and FBs fighting), you can see on trade chat ppl are saying WARR!! GO ELF!! and after that ..NOob ELFS! GO WAR!! BLA BLA BLAHH...coz elves are more on Riff.. For good hunting..shaman just need lvl 5 hEal ,earthquake and earth protection which will make your heal like 270 but exactly its just 240 coz earth protection lvl 5 increse physical def 7% lol MCs also can run at lab more easily than elves..with earhquake.. And shaman can tank thats why MCs got more HP than Elves.. So MCs got more advantages than Elves And i dont know why MCs are not populated.. mybe because the land are so boring to see? haha .everyone will have their own reason.. So you no need to ask gm to balanced the popultion..
  5. Hmm yeahh think many people will leave their old classes even i will leave my noob barbarian and start pick new class though.. Soon. - Maybe i'll pick Mage coz his 'master of Fire and Ice element' haha lol will be good in the future perhaps :wacko: - for great tanker..chose Deathknight/Bladedancer or even Paladin thatt have heal skill LOL and never chose Barbarian again :P - now MC's own new ally,Warlock,that perhaps will be usefull for tanker in Lab and Rogue just useless :facepalm: - still the best healer, Druid and Shaman but Priest and Necromancer will much more good coz they got better skill than this old healer:they have skill that absorbs any damage..too :) *conclusion* the new classes will be far more good than old classes and dont forget Ranger still the best lol :crazy: :lol:
  6. Where new island and new class?? :facepalm: so lonnnggggg :facepalm:
  7. tomorrow no update... there must be an announcement 1 week before the update.. Maybe tomorrow just announcement (yeah announcment that we already KNOW :facepalm:), then next week is update. :unknw:
  8. So you want to beal all classes easily because you have lvl 20 shaman? stop spamming about OP ranger skill.. I sure soon admin will delete/reduce the damage of blessing skill->Firstborn gonna be really2 weakk-> and people will play as Mountain Clan and that will make them a happiest person ever in the world.
  9. Please dont update today please... :sorry: :cray: I want to wait 2 more weeks until first week of June. :( Haahaaa .. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Redzsha


    :nea: it was because Ranger is the only class that overpowered in Firstborn side,thats why they create it..while Bladedancer is really noob, never play this class if you like doing pvp, Druid is also good with Entagling root.. All Mountain Clan's classes have good skill for Pvp, Barbarian have charge and that one skill(forgot the name that make enemy received damaged each second), Rogue have Stealth(uncrease damage,Gauge.Dodge), and Shaman is OP with his Lighting Bolt(blind) and Earthquake, Mcs finished all enemy.. ... you should know the reasons.. :)
  11. Yeaahh Paladin is a good for hunt and his a supporter too.. He can heal + increases all healing effect, Mc/forsaken just have 2 tanker, while Firtsborn/Chosen have 1 tanker and 1 supporter(i hope soon paladin can increases defend tho). Now the chosen and firstborn can run at lab,same like what mcs does before.. With the help of skill of paladin and mage
  12. :facepalm: this is just main island.. Soon you'll go to Irselnort when you achieve level 12 :lol: :lol:
  13. :facepalm: this is useless... lots player from US server not active at forum.. you can see US is more succesfull(overpopulated) than EU especially on ELF side, eventhough there is 3.0 update..they will play Forsaken on US server too perhaps.. Since Forsaken class is more cruel and good.. Im adraid all of them creat new charachter (Forsaken)...then Forsaken/Mountain Clan will be populated :yahoo: Sory for my english
  14. Can you tell us which month? Are update on this month,next month or next year? :wacko:
  15. Yeayy... Another time to wait... Next week is info about forsaken island,then next week info about Chosen's equipment/weapon,next week again info about Forsaken's equipment/weapons.. Hahaha i hate thisss! :facepalm: i thought today is the update... So updte is at JUNE :wacko:
  16. Hmmm nice....maybe i chose this... Better than a Priest..Necro have Gauge.. :good: now I confuse to choose whether US or EU server :facepalm:
  17. Tears of Harad: On the selected enemy falls tears of Harad and deal magical damage. If a priest or his alliesin a group attacked by other enemies, then they will have a chance to receive additional damage from tears. Is this Blessing like Ranger's skill? :yahoo:
  18. Wow! Another good skill for escape from enemy/mob in laby.. I will make Warlock too :pleasantry: Mc and Forsaken will rule Labyrinth :lol:
  19. Well..ill choose US server, theres a quite a lot plyers from Bruneians,Malaysians and Indonesians which means i can hunt in perfect time coz the time zone of this country is just same. I like playing MC on EU,but they always hunting at midnight coz people are from different country and different time zone... :facepalm: well see later.. :drinks:
  20. Paladin Heavenly light. Paladin instantly restores a small amount of health to himself or an ally. The aura of light. Paladin gives grace to all allies in the group and increases all effects of healing. Imagine if theres full party of Paladin :lol: :lol:
  21. Please make this faster! >:D it seems like the new version will released at the end of April or June :facepalm:
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