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  1. Thanks Roland. Sorry about the "nervousness".. I'm glad u're give me a fast reply. I'll wait that, because My char will be arena, and these attributes are not good for me. Please if possible, make a hint in dev's to make that change fast, cuz have a lot of people angry like me
  2. Why change the attributes of the items without asking whether we want to or not ???? And now, the money spent to amplify my staff I got to use with critical / cooldown / accuracy is now penetrative / cooldown / accuracy ??? I want my staff with critical again !!!!!!!!!! Who will repay the money spent leveling the staff with critical ?? I do not want staff with penetration! A company may change the product without consulting the customer? or warn about the change? If I knew the SD staff would change attributes will short term, I would have not used it much less spent real money to level up! I want my staff right back!
  3. All another links works perfectly. So, sometimes, the windows pc client link works too, but when i start to install the game, that error appears: Thanks.
  4. I cannot download Windows PC Client at download's page on warspear-online website. When I click at the link for start download, the link appears is that: http://cdn.warspear-online.com/distr/win32/ch0/warspear.exe And Give-me page broken. Please R0land fix that..
  5. Why the address change when i Click on the link? I try everything to download, but always get 404 not found. When i click in the download link, my browser redirect to that link :http://cdn.warspear-online.com/distr/win32/ch0/warspear.exe That is right? Thanks.
  6. I'm trying download the recent version for windows OS, but the page for download it's not work! Please, Fix it! Many people do not playing because the page is off. Thanks
  7. Really, I miss Guild bacon walking around here. Born, where are u? I am not a member, but I admire all of you... BR-Tourmaline is so empty these days without Bacon
  8. Ok, I'm a patient person, but the last update still for 17 days and this "thing" remains wrong... This "thing" that we talking about its a SKILL man, and for me, a skill is very important for a class, and consequently affect a lot players and the game in general. It is not cool to play with a class that has a virtually "useless" skill, do not you think? Please, I really hope this bug will be fixed ASAP.
  9. And the Priest expert skill 'redemption'? When it will be fixed? A very nice skill still bugged.
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