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  1. I can't open the android 4.0.3 and higher* link. It's not downloading.
  2. Once upon a time in Arinar, a Barbarian is walking on its way to Ayvondil Island. Tired and wounded from the long journey from snowy bound's dungeons. Atop of a mountain located in Irselnort, he saw a silver figure floating midair. Due to curiosity, he approach the figure carefully. The figure isn't moving.... it has a metalic body and two cylinders with tourbine to make it float. The barbarian is amazed since it's the first time he saw something like this so he tried to touch it, shockingly the figure moved. Electricity went out on its shoulders and shaped like hands, gold lines covered its whole body and head, and it suddenly talked: "Greetings warrior of Arinar! I am named Inter-Galactic Observer, we watched your people from afar as they journey to different events. We recieved a news that there will be a great event coming this spring that's why my ancestors gave me a mission, to observe and gather more information in the upcoming great event because information from afar is not enough. As you can see we are different from you, there are countless of worlds in the galaxy but your world is the most resourceful thats why we observe and gather information. This upcoming great event will be difficult and challenging and full of dangers but I believe that all of you can overcome it as you overcome the past events. May you have a good fortune and take care". The Inter-Galactic Observer suddenly flew and left the barbarian shocked and in awe, the tiredness was gone and he is now filled with excitement and thrill. He rushed to the town to spread the word about the great upcoming event and about the Inter-Galactic Observer. #@!% : "*BEEP* ( Arinar invasion progress 5%) *BEEP*" Name : Inter-Galactic Observer Origin : unknown Mission : to observe the upcoming great spring event
  3. i tried it also. but i can't send anything to the given phone number. my text is always failed to send. and there is no problem at sending message to other numbers
  4. Jomar Hermosa


    its been 1 week since i play ws. so i want to buy mc coins. but i can't find the sms payment method in the game. but my friend said it has sms payment method a year ago. what should i do?
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