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  1. i think what slay ment was not to cry for rangers as they not so much op that kymar is telling them to be slay gave suggestion for better bd and not poor rouge/ranger/druid etc :) in last 2 topics and also in first one about OP barb (wich was actually fixed so he won argument)...everyone know shaman >>>>>>>rangers...
  2. thats real as 5 steath gives huge dmg upliftment..i guess
  3. how about +10 flam and steath @5 ? :) ...it would be much more i guess ... sonof had +10 wtb and +9 wtb=460 or about so with steath 5...surely it would be more...and btw 100/101 is real not fake...i saw it earlier too...in server and btw i think it was ment to thizz not me coz its his rouge not mine so i think u pointing to thizz right?
  4. ya :blush: ..my xrats competing soon now :dirol: :rofl: ..currently random arena island 1 equips 0 amplify so 60% ..when lvl 15-16 it will be 90%+ :spiteful: :spiteful:
  5. hmmm...maybe thats why i never saw(or never cared to look) druid dodgeing in arena as my acc is about 13 or bit there....hmmm hey mecha have you ever "parry" a ranger or shaman or druid? i will be interested to know this :) omg you need to mention me if u posting to me :facepalm: ...i dont read all your posts as a matter of fact :tease:
  6. hey bro...learn quick...see the OP BARB AND OP SHAMAN....they killed ranger in 2sec and then played with other ranger....infact both had full hp and barb was only watching shaman rape ranger who was with bg set also........................................http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=63893.msg234214#msg234214 yea super agree....i lost to you in pvp 1time ;D :blush: ..barb beat ranger :clapping:
  7. alonso14

    Skill Build

    nice combo but ss @4 fails like 50%...isnt it? or 40%? trust me dodge is good skill ;D @5 is like 3k hp for ranger ;D but if compared to rouge dodge its nothing....for rouge @5dodge is like 4k hp :bad:
  8. hahaha quite strange to be honest...still suprised why parry works for druids lol :facepalm: can any dev explain why parry and not dodge?
  9. being a shaman u talk like that is RIDICULOUS :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: you will only upload vid with lucky rangers...just see their opponents...newbies with quest weapon and garbo equips....and rangers had high amplify weapons and equips...moreover shaman(even noob but not retard) owns rangers 9/10 in 1x1
  10. spanish and crossfit...how about clan name : los blancos la 32th :spiteful: :spiteful: :yahoo: :yahoo: jk Fenix clan and Termite clan sound cool for your clan :) good luck :good: btw clan looks SPANIARD :shok: So many spanish ppl in it
  11. this is not WOW....i think all servers here are hosted in russia and serers were created to divide russians and english i think...maybe not.... i get same speed in all 5 servers...
  12. :lol: look at rouge...he can go in "gay mode" in arena and waste time to draw match...but on broader sence can kill u if in open field....rangers are balanced..idk why u ppl are only asking about rangers when actually its shaman who are fking shitters with inf hp...1x1 of same amplify ranger and shaman....well i think ranger wins 1/5 times lol...against rest class like bd ...shaman wins 10/10 times...infact bd vs ranger can be good match if bd use brain with skill...but never against shaman i have seen many good players who have killed rangers in 1x1 and win rate is impressive...eg deoblade...learn from him...expert rouge! or afro and sakray or even marsz...now those are brain users who make fight so even and mostly win...rest of you..well die as u try go beserk like noobs :bad: i have a rouge and i kill similar lvl rangers/bd/druid quite easily...despite me having island 1 equips and +0 amplify...nothing to brag...coz any guy can do it :) tell me why rouge should do 2merc strike before you can actually hit him? on lucky days he gets 800+800 (=1600 of my 2200hp) ...fair?
  13. HELLO-HELLO MR. did u forget u guys got equips with physical defence? which lower the attack.... ranger at +7 hits 320 about :facepalm: and against some good phy def rangers it goes to 250 or less... just see warlock skills...infact all new 6 classes look better than ranger shaman...we have to only see their skill cooldown really
  14. and 1 thing more to remember was how i , less than 100hp killed u, with full hp, thanks to dragging u into guards near riff :blush:
  15. true but i beat you before when i was in cave with manley and poo...i think i beat u first match...second was draw as both of us died if u remember correctly...after that 2-0 ya nice...game of luck....ask manley ..he beat me 4-0 ...then i beat him 4-0 :) same day same place matter of minutes maybe?..nothing big....anyone can kill anyguy if luck with him...i on many days lose to low lvl ppl...and on other days beat ppl with +10 weapon and equipsah 1 thing if u forgot was that it was me who helped you do chainless quests?right? as far as i said parry not work....see my last post...i gave a reason "why" and also said i was "confused " with dodge for druid....what u want? should i appologise? :shout:
  16. you guys doing good job for newbies :) ..i will try to make it popular in sappire to see this topic as they ask in trade and i cant help em as i dont do this quest anymore(i dont do any quest as a matter of fact)
  17. all new 6 classes look op compared to ranger and shaman too :rofl: :rofl: i guess its all balanced :)
  18. ya maybe i was confused with dodge and parry...i knew for certain 1 type of atck fails.....but why parry considering the fact druid use wooden weapon or other type and parry is actually dodging enemy attck with ur weapon (like blade) im quite suprised...i expected dodge to work really for druids and not parry....anyway has any ranger ever dodged of an attack from druid or shaman? i m talking after 2.5..before that i think we could..but not sure now...i havent dodged any despite 30%dodge :bad: i asked my rouge friend afro and he too said same that he hasnt dodged any attack recently :bomb: :lol: :lol: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: who said i was a druid..im ranger for a fact and rouge :tease: :tease: u can check in sapphire ask ppl what class koskiller plays :wacko: [...and who cares to make druid who are actually nerds healing ppl all the time and get scolded in farm when they miss healing tank :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: my emerald druid is a killer druid...who kills ppl with astral magic :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  19. parry will never work on druid.....weather be 1.7 or 100 so waste of rune really....u wont find any of range class parrying but u may find lvl 1 bd or rouge parry dispite less parry...idk why ppl doing it
  20. what is parry doing in ur stats ;D
  21. hey my russian friend...yes you are a very good shaman but your opponents are a bit stupid or have slow connection..... i have seen smater opponents and smarter shaman to be honest :) being rangers they didnt use skill of trap or they attacked late.... i would like you to beat some pro people like nizshii (ranger) or traxer(druid) or psycosol (what ever his name..druid) :) then i would agree ::) overall you are very good too :clapping:
  22. :lol: :lol: eneryone knows elfs are losers in eu...mc rule it :tease:
  23. elfs 5-1 mc 8) 8) 8) 8) jaw analyze me nepz abysnte win over chrono snekey afro warlion sakray/nelia all were good fight except last one where dirty "chicken" aka "gaymode" tactiks was used ...nvm we won that match too so i dont care now :good:
  24. u are a crybaby...good u knew it... :facepalm: :facepalm: he was +10 weapon +10 all equips....do u think u can kill a +10 guy? with ur +8 equips?..maybe so but need good skills which u didnt do that time...i agree with sech_92....he right....good use of skill will make any class kill any.... comeon fight among opponents of ur lvl with similar amplify and not with too much amplify when u arent so...
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