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  1. Well druids are better than warlocks in 1vs1, especially now that fear has been nerfed. Arena and open areas (wars) are a totally different situation though.
  2. Half of your chars are female.
  3. Hornig likes it both sides.
  4. Leo Acq


    Actually, dmg reduction of resilience is a bit less than pure resilience %. No idea of the exact formula, but 23% resilience reduces players dmg by18% circa. So defence is better for pure dmg reduction, but doesnt have the other usefull features of resilience, crit reduction (that works as a simple subtraction, % crit of enemy player - % of your resi) and immunity to penetration.
  5. Now life exhaust heals you only 2 times, at least at lvl 1, dunno at higher skill lvl. And yeah, warlocks suck at pve, make a necro if you like forsaken and wanna make some gold (even if with the swamps is kinda the same for all classes, but with a necro you can go hunt other than doing Kotaravva quests and have more chances to get some good item).
  6. Could be the beginning of an Harlem Shake :D
  7. Second pic is actually very cool, looks like you are defending your area throwing magic stuff across a fosse or something.
  8. It's you against wikipedia en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugs_and_kisses
  9. Oh ok, here is an Eye hunt video to make you ;) see what I did there ;) That's suspicious..
  10. I'm secretly an NPC. Lol nice diet you have :D Bet you like hunting Eye, dont you?
  11. Lol, I play mostly on pc so usually it's easier to just minimize Warspear window instead of closing it, plus often takes me a lot of time to re-log. Stop stalking me btw e.e Your "Drug"? Not much porn here anyway, I happen to have a lot of fantasy.
  12. You took my messages pretty seriously though xD
  13. Shut up, you were one of the good guys, now look at you, how you reduced yourself.
  14. Amp % dmg/def increase should be reduced, and taken to a fixed quantity for each amp, like +5%. Atm amplification isnt important, (for most of classes) it's the only thing that matters.
  15. Would be nice, something not usefull and with the receiving attribute, like a cake hat or costume, maybe with a different colour for each month, and could be gainded only by ppl whom account is 1 year+ old. The idea of giving a mcoin item on bday is bad instead. Maybe with the limitation of the 1 year or more older accounts only could be done, but isnt cool.
  16. Noo, I like it, really, at least shows something that happens in the game. Too bad nobody will be interested in your screen because Merc doesnt love Poley in it.
  17. Very good screen Danilo! :friends:
  18. You are the guy who loves pene and says that is secretly a girl. :good:
  19. xD 1. maybe 2. maybe 3. maybe You should be a politician Snorlax
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