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  1. I had to go through Vomm to have an answer from you last time xD And when did you pmme and I didnt reply btw? Were you asking for heal?
  2. Ha! Thats rich from you, mr I'm-too-busy-to- reply-a-simple-hi :facepalm:
  3. Killed you with bees or normal atk? ps: welcome back then :)
  4. May be related to this? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=77669.0 ps: are you back, Alice?
  5. I still am the lock with the shittiest physical def around 8) 752 and rocking
  6. Ottima idea, il gioco è offline/troppo buggato per giocarci, stiamo qui a farci i pompini a vicenda xD
  7. Wow 8) Suck it France Free advices for all Chinese/Indians reading this, pmme in private.
  8. xD Im not saying its fair, dont play a rogue enough to judge it. Just trying to read what Snorlax posted.
  9. Exactly. All rangers reading this, keep doing that. You are being awesome :good:
  10. Reading the description seems to me the contrary of what you are saying :/ It's not very clear anyway..
  11. Yep seems a nerf to me too. "Cooldown will start after the end of skill" means that the 22 seconds will start AFTER the invisibility ends, not while its active like now. The cancel invisibility at will option seems something like to "restart" the whole skill, so if 5 sec after the stealth activation are passed and you cancel it, you wont have to wait till the skill ends (whatever lvl 5 stealth lasts - 5 sec + 22 sec) to start the cooldown, but you will be able to start it right away.
  12. Yeah, Chrystal and Revendark (ciao reven!) are probably the best rangers in eu, the only rangers who understood how to fight warlocks. Hope that they wont tell anyone ;D
  13. Thanks, you are gentlemen of good taste.
  14. Offhand dmg isnt reduced by 40%? Why are you reducing it by 50%? {[(171+24)*0,6] + 171+24 +17}*1,04 = 342
  15. I dont knowww :D I did mixed in the end, 3 scatter 3 traps, and I'm not entirely satisfied. Scatter at 5 can be usefull against both melee and ranged classes, whilst at 3 only vs melee, but traps at 5 rocks hard, you can put 3 at the same time and they last FOREVER, so it's a pity totally giving up on traps. At 3 they do their work (2 traps at the same time), but there is a big difference with traps at 5. Scatter at 1 is shit, stun time doesnt last enough time to use any skill before the enemy is back on you already. Probably the most conservative choice is scatter shot at 5 and ♥♥♥♥ it. If you are high amped maybe you could try something weird and have bless 5, traps 5, scatter 3, power shot 3. I dont play ranger as main char anymore so I'm not making experiments.
  16. Leo Acq

    Mage Stats

    Have you ever thought of getting more HP?
  17. This may be the best summary of "Animal farm" ever. Lmao :lol:
  18. Yeah, did some arena vs you and qingaide yesterday night (I was with Importante), Qingaide is my new favourite druid.
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