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  1. Thank you for voting Gladiator and Dual Sleeper ! 馃槄 You both are great writers! tell me if you will need to kill a dummy. i'll help! 馃槑 馃槄 Congrats to all the winners! my vote goes to The Awakening as I馃槄 mentioned in Dual's story thread. but i want to also give notice to the the Water snake killer; SheElf "DIE HARD" ( we should pvp sometime..馃槈) i love the plot twist. if i can have two votes i will vote for him too. I hope there's more contest like this in the future. with or with out prize ill join! Seeyanara!
  2. One shot, two shot, three shot, I wonder how long I can finish this dummy. I grab an arrow from my quill and continue shooting. Sigh. 鈥淪orry Mr. Dummy, nothing to do today.鈥 One shot, two shot, three shot. It is so quiet today, even good old Innkeeper Helli is taking a nap. The breeze blow gently against my face, as I talk to the dummy in front of me. Irdis sleepily watching me from behind, maybe wondering what am I doing. I don鈥檛 care. 鈥淒o you still remember the old days Mr. Dummy? When people gather around this town. New adventurers come
  3. Good story. But i had to read it twice or thrice to get it. 馃憤
  4. Cool story. U presented your story like from the real fanatsy books. U got my vote.
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