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    Just comparison of a walock and a mage... just what i observed ( i maybe wrong) #3 stun kinda skills for warlock ,no stun for mages. #More hp of warlock compared to mage. #warlocks are true range class . mages ,i don't know what they are :facepalm: . #missing cloak of mage. #Mages -changing the visual effects of a skill will not make it any better skill It looks like devs wanted a class to entertain other classes... like ,oh! u r bored then kill a mage ...
  2. i dont knw they say somthing is op if they cant kill it... but op means overpowered if m right :good:
  3. emerald is like :mega_shok: come eu side and make such clan ;D
  4. gabrau u r an op pala :aggressive:
  5. HP of lvl 20 heavy armor users without any equips.. Barbarian :2100 Bladedancer :2020 Deathknight :2020 Paladin :1790 :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: WHY???
  6. Miracles of ms paint and ppt ;D
  7. try to warp under earthqake...the earth below comes along with the jump :rofl: :lol:
  8. Many threads had been created about mages lvl 17 cape... :unknw: Mages are demanding their cape for past three months. Many patches were released by AIGRIND in these past yhree months.... But nothing regarding mage stuff, devs can fix the illutionary chains then why can't introduce the cloak.... P.S. Please make it look good ;D ...
  9. nadon

    Indian community

    m kisi p shak ni kar ra bhailoga... Bas bta rha ki vo char gayab ho gya,ab sala gayab ho gya to hogaya ,meri galti h jo yaha p likh diya....pm kardena tha... Ek baat yaad rkhne ka ki never take game seriously varna tension or frustration hi milega....
  10. nadon

    Indian community

    chutiya logo ki kami nhi h duniya m ... Sala m id yaha p likh diya iska matlab ye thodi ki delete mardoge bas kuch items k liye.... Mujhe kuch fark ni padta par jo bi y kiya h... U r pathetic and selfish...hope u ll be happy...
  11. nadon

    Indian community

    ek ek do aath teen ek saat facebook shunya teen ye h jadugar vali id... Kuch change mat karna.
  12. nadon

    Indian community

    mere dear bhartiyo...ma chudaye ye game ...yaha p ab kuch na h ,randi ke pillo devs n game ki ma chod di h.... Ab koi dhang ka game btao jo mobile p khela ja sake or jiska setup thoda chota ho.... Or saphire m 1 shaman [ diverter ] jisko chahiye le lena,mera mann bhar gya :D
  13. nadon

    Indian community

    vaise itna byot to h ki sab +8 ho jaye ....par jo kaam +5 me ho rha h to upar krne ki kya zarurat..... Kon bola tha ki saphire m aa boht h apan log.... M bechara shaman bnaya hu koi finance kro ....:)
  14. u definitely need this shit..... and don't be a hypocrite :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  15. @lightr , it was for a particular person and he ll understand it ..... so u can ignore ;)
  16. nia tu kya chahta h ,ye log teri marte h or tu marva rha h :facepalm:
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