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  1. account works bcoz always get dc,i mean too slow in my elf char :unknw: .
  2. i use laptop,with high speed broadband connection still dis happens when i open my main character.P.S..when i open any mc faction account,game works smoothly..how to dis happen :wacko: :sorry: ,,playing for elves has being always an honour..as i being playing for last 2 years...
  3. my main character is being lagging for last 2,3 months..every time i login it keep lag till now :facepalm: ..so i didnt played for last 2 months ,den came back,got fed up and started an mc account...surprisingly,i found out dat there is no pblm while playing any mc account,while i open any elf account,it lags :facepalm: .i dont know whether its server problem or my network pblm but i miss playing my main character ..i am lvinz,lvl20 druid,us sapphire...if anyone have same pblm,plz do share....
  4. Vinz

    Thanks Warspear

    thanks afro,,enjoy the game :good:
  5. Vinz

    Thanks Warspear

    every beginning has an end constugg,so............. :sorry:
  6. Vinz

    Thanks Warspear

    Only word he knows :rofl:
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