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  1. For peace and quiet section, i think lvl 3 is not enough. Should be lvl 5 or 6. Hate spammer making many char just to spam TC especially when you already ignored them.. In sapphire, i guess you all know who. :facepalm:
  2. Black friday sale by gm :crazy: . Probably have cut on mcoin item, arena gear and cc gear alike :crazy: :drinks: .
  3. Haha play on pc feel less of the 'mobility' :pleasantry: ;D
  4. Hi dev, why when i try to update the apps in iOS, it say that the item currently not available in US. Need clarification here ;)
  5. Nawrez

    Deleting char

    Dear dev, I've seen many scam cases where some of my friends also involved which is their char being deleted or account hacked and the password change so that they cannot login to their profile. My suggestion is, dev should ask more than just entering char name before deleting it. Player should make one security key or question so that only the player should know the answer. So next time if the scammer want to delete ppl char, they couldn't because only the real player should know the key. It is pain in the vein to see some char which we do quest together being deleted :(. This also should apply for account recovery from scammer too :drinks:. Thank you.
  6. Cool update for iPhone and new iPad :good: . It bring out the retina display :pleasantry: . But game still crash and auto close for some reason. Guess its not fully perfect yet. Otherwise keep up good service :drinks: .
  7. Want update for iphone. Give us date :search:
  8. Lol so does rogue. I bet Marsz would be happy if rogue get same "privelage" as ranger :friends: .
  9. Fact: ranger lvl 13 att mob=212, skill=438!!! :shok: Imagine the crit!!! :shok: Barb lvl 13 att mob=343, skill = 466 :nea: . The figure seems fishy 438 and 466. Let us make the most powerfull class then :pleasantry: the ranger :facepalm: . Btw dev if u want to upgrade char, hav to be balance (all class) or else I bought all my Mcoin for nothing. :facepalm:
  10. I guess I know why ranged class were treated with special, maybe they are the one that fill the devs pocket the most :crazy: . Few update already and no change for melee class. And WTH with ranger skill now? Totally OP :wacko: . Devs should try the game first before releasing it. Now the game obviously imbalance :facepalm: . Btw I guess this is rush release since the update date not the same among other phone OS.
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