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  1. account works bcoz always get dc,i mean too slow in my elf char :unknw: .
  2. i use laptop,with high speed broadband connection still dis happens when i open my main character.P.S..when i open any mc faction account,game works smoothly..how to dis happen :wacko: :sorry: ,,playing for elves has being always an honour..as i being playing for last 2 years...
  3. my main character is being lagging for last 2,3 months..every time i login it keep lag till now :facepalm: ..so i didnt played for last 2 months ,den came back,got fed up and started an mc account...surprisingly,i found out dat there is no pblm while playing any mc account,while i open any elf account,it lags :facepalm: .i dont know whether its server problem or my network pblm but i miss playing my main character ..i am lvinz,lvl20 druid,us sapphire...if anyone have same pblm,plz do share....
  4. Vinz

    Thanks Warspear

    thanks afro,,enjoy the game :good:
  5. Vinz

    Thanks Warspear

    every beginning has an end constugg,so............. :sorry:
  6. Vinz

    Thanks Warspear

    Only word he knows :rofl:
  7. Vinz

    Thanks Warspear

    Well thanks reaper,its been such fabulous game,i enjoyed every partof it,escpecially farming bosses :pleasantry: .....i donno but i would thank to all who fighted and who been friendly to me during entire gameplay... :good:
  8. HI m lvinz ,durid from lvl20,us-sapphire..Its been long time since i startd playing warspear from v1.2.its been such a relief from my loneliness playing dis game...met many friends from different parts of world,time to focus in real part of world of world,..thanks to many ppl who been my friends during dis phase,especially moonlight,absynthae,pummy,sonofman,shubhs,lila, and other elfs,..also mcs who entertainted me(especially chronoz,afro,rockzz,benerrbaby,icemanxxx,sanbanyo(well i wont forget dis guy especially),,thanks all...i know its hard to leave dis game suddenly but somehow i need cope with it,,thanks to devs who made such entertaining game,, thanks devs who helped me pulled from crisis where i felt almost lonely in life by playing such a game,,THANKS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. those who were good before amplification system are still the best,real pvp is over now :facepalm:
  10. there are many good rangers in us sapphire,hard to specify whoz best, :)
  11. harass,eridon,xmoonlight best top 3 blades i ever seen :)
  12. no , m lvl 18 druid.but i feel fine with it.. 8)
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