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  1. [FB] Somarra Tribe Village, Noola 13/04/2012
  2. [FB] Kamp-Riff, Velaid (foot of grey mountain) 12/04/2012
  3. [FB] Kamp-Riff, Sorsha 08/04/2012
  4. [FB] Somarra Tribe Village, Noola 04/04/2012
  5. [FB] Good Fame Island, Main Worker 02/04/2012
  6. [FB] Somarra Tribe Village, Melia 01/04/2012
  7. [FB] Misty Shelter, Raynos 31/03/2012
  8. [FB] Black Mist Island, Uter 30/03/2012
  9. Arena Gear is made for arena and war, that is why it has resilience wich lower the chance of the enemy to get crit on you, why should hunting gear be stronger than arena gear, when it was not made for that purpose? There's a reason why lab gear got dark resistance and arena gear got resilience. So many people whine when they can't even see the concept.
  10. God Lol, this a game not a religion. If you have good gear, and know your class ofc you can win. There is no best. Just Luck. Network/Lag/Dc Shame on all pathetic boarder huggers.. Afraid of open battles = weak PS. Sulla is the biggest whiner on the forum.
  11. This is what I want for the gloves: [Gloves of Berengar's shadow] [boots of Berengar's shadow] Either one of them is fine. For any questions, please pm Wolfsy in game.
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