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  1. he's just dumb u dnt even get very gud ap in 7-10 arena bracket so watz d use of ampyin dere u can just amp 15-18 lvl equips r 13lvl ones n rule d game plus he says he's unable kill low amp range hw can dat be possible?he just wants sum 5min fame
  2. dont take it to heart everyone does mistakes so just enjoy d fite
  3. wow 9lvl +9 amply u must be a fool to spend cash on dat lvl
  4. iit kaisa likha mera dosta bohat tuff aya bolerey the tera kaisa gaya
  5. game ke leye ladkiko chodediya !but gud story
  6. yep itz irritatin n u go in arena like 5 secs wen dat happens
  7. giv indians mre options to buy mc if we get mre options u get mre buyers n i will get mc for less gold in d end al happy :P
  8. iam just sayin abt d shit most elf speak on trade chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. me sayin abt people who say i hate asian even me asian lol
  10. yep neither do dey cum n fite but keep talkin shit like were my bf i hate asians etc etc so many dumb ppl playin now
  11. lol irfan i had fun doin lake on my druid so much fun foolin d stupid mc n runnin too much n in d end killed only wid 1BD IT took around 10days but it easy quest only
  12. irfan itz much fun like dat only Watz d fun if u just go n kill boss n no one to stop u
  13. ill play dk looks cool to me n probably shift to eu
  14. yea bees op mc get bee sting n die as dere is no medicine lol
  15. dota my fav,A3,gta,age of empires2 n cs
  16. get a barb on a druid boom before u knoe u die n bees wont help lol
  17. guyz hw u expect mobs which can be killed easily to drop items which hav mre value????????
  18. well guyz how much time does it take to reach lvl 15 wid bg armor? Just around 1week r2week is max if u got gud n strong frnds well datz makin tuff for devs coz we movin fast n dey not havin time to get gud updates so dey decrease loot price n introduce arena sys tinkin we wont buy tickies n take a month r so to conquer d arena but sum lifeless ppl conquered it in 1day!!!!! So dey nxt get amply sys wid a bug sowe lose items n start again dis time not spendin mre money but again lifeless ppl do it so dey get astral tinkin dis shud last longer but we conquered it in around 2-3days so as a last ditcheffort dey increase mob dam n price of srooll ndecrease durabulty so we wont buy mcoins n stay away frm game n play only for less time so d devs will hav much time to get game a gud update coz WS is dere part time job
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