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  1. I am looking for a good guild on MC side !!!
  2. Look at other games that have a class like the paladin of warspear they use mace, imo mace isnt a rustic weapon for barbarians to use, barbarias should use just axe
  3. for pick ss i use screen snap and netqin mobile security to show connection speed both are for symbian s60v5
  4. HiHo chron i will be back to this game and i wanna know if i can join ur clan
  5. i agree too its a good ideia
  6. yeah ranger is strong and ranger need to focus in dodge with a good dodge a barb will amost always miss @bizkitz maybe u need learn how to play with a ranger
  7. Haohmaru


    hey marcin what daggers that u are using in the screenshot?
  8. Haohmaru


    this part of the forum doesnt have much movimentation so here goone question How much critical, regen, life u have with ur rogue and what lvl he is? mine lvl 14, 21,4% critical, 1552 life, 80 regen
  9. kill the most scary...
  10. maybe they delete this topic too
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