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  1. Only PolishTeam guild (Eu Emerald) has partecipated at the castle...
  2. Maybe they don't know how to spend their own time in this game I read a lots of offensive phrases everyday. My advice, as told you @Higgings, is to put them on your ignore list only if it is necessary to do it
  3. Liidert


    Too late for me... I have almost everything in elf side
  4. Liidert


    In this way questers have difficult to complete them. Karma and Magna are farming there 27/24h and 9days/7. If you tell them that they have to kill that boss for quest, most of them neither answer nor let questers do the quest trying to evade it. It's unfair Usually I can't report quests for this... It's unfair!
  5. Eh? However sincerly I don't know where. We need a place where nobody won't bother us
  6. Good luck bro I lost the hope instead Nobody wants a poor noob player...
  7. When I went in Hard Techno, the tank didn't suicide for to go back to entrance of the dungeon but after we beat a specific mob it pop up a teleport that lead to the follow room
  8. Well, I have never done anything alone against bosses (except for my druid). However yes, only dungeons and quests in Pelion and in Marak
  9. I may reach +7 at least... I'm unlucky with amp Rings, cloack and amulet?
  10. Full forefathers set or mix?
  11. What do you think about all 26 craft equips with three bonuses?
  12. I've already a druid level 20 for tower and event dungeons. Well, I wouldn't go solo mage or tank bosses but make a good damage hero for kronus dg for example
  13. Well, there are three damage skills and sun armor
  14. Yeah, I know. It's going to start before the end of the October (maybe the last week)
  15. 500k? I think to have spent so many k of gold for my bd and only one equip has reached +8
  16. Yeah, I paied around 500k for to make my druid almost OP for to do dungeons like tower and events
  17. Hi everybody, I'd like to make a mage for fun trying to do some dungeons like techno as well. I need some advice about where I should have to put the skill points on basic and on expert. I think to buy full equips level 26 by craft with three bonuses trying to keep as gold as possible. Thank you in advance
  18. Somewhere I read that healers are the cheapest group to make because we need only to spend gold only for staff at begin. I think for mage is the same, I prefer to put all lvl 26 3 bonuses equips spending as less gold as I can and amp them a bit
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