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  1. Yup and sepcialy dat moment when person is lvl 14, goes to swamp, get doom bow (or something) and then stops playing and delets char lol. i havent got any stuff up to lvl 15 yet x'D and i have reached 2 level in swamp, from 18 to 19 and from 19 to 20, still getting same crap, dont know what to say, if u try to write to support, then they say, ah u just got bad luck. Bad Luck that i every time get only crystal and around this all lvl 18 items ? (had that moment twice) :D no way :! and this northland crystals sux, cuz nobody buy from market even for 1 coin, so i sell to shop for 1 coin :bad: and armors that have only def these goes too normal shop :bad:
  2. So i have been doig swamp since i reached lvl 18. The problem is that i got bug. I get always scroll, potion or crystal/rune. Rarely i get piece of armor and if i do get, then its noobish one and with only def rate, no other stuff on it. Maybe fix this crap bug ? huh ?
  3. For mcoin noobs is every takedown easy
  4. yes, why eu always, lets change game back to 0.7 and do no updates :D
  5. Lol idk, its not blocking mines, so in my opinion its useless :D They use it, then its only doing some dmg and nothing much :D
  6. Had bug again, at arena, north 13 feet free, south 8, west 10, east 10. And scater only show that effect, enemy still were on me, did not even move or something, so its not about the walls or stuff. u can see that at clear areas to.
  7. lol, even if there is empty ground and free run space behind, where to run in scatter effect, sometimes its not taking effect.
  8. its useless skill, i have normaly dodge 20.3% and with 5 lvl skill, it does not dodge at all. ;) Ranger is now noobish
  9. 'Only mcoin player is strong, my lvl 18 ranger, lvl 5 blessing, that blessing stands only some secconds and change to bless is 1/20, so if i use, its only doing maybe once dual hit. Defence is mega low, so even lvl 20 ranger have hard to pass swamp, cuz def low, hp low, in my opinion is ranger now poor char. u die in first maps in swamp, where this wyhen guys are. only normal players die there. Mcoin no0bs are another thing. u just came to say that cause u get always killed by mcoin players who have +10 sets or something. And scater shot is bugged -.-"
  10. Lol, dumb soldiers have u heard of digital camo ? ._.
  11. in game Breivig kills: 9999999 ._.*
  12. Both sides have bugs, rangers trap not working most of times, and scater same.
  13. lol u wait for shit things and crap stuff that needs money to get. 2012 xmas event is piece of shit, i promise, devs make anything to get all money of you when xmas event is out, maybe its even worse event than halloween was this year. 2011 xmas and halloween ones was pretty cool, this year, halloween one was piece of shit and almost useless, and what u think u get for xmas...?
  14. So i see thats Suggestion to make dark side OP Can anyone post here light side suggest to ? :) Ok lets give rangers back this blessing time like it was before ;) BD will get 2x damage per hamstring. Druids can heal double :U paladin attack to super fast and others to some stuff :D
  15. 1. Runescape sux. 2. Runescape sux alot. 3. Runescape minigames sux. Lets just keep this game like it is, making it like runescape is worng and makes many ppl quit (specialy me). In vote Devs can see how many Players agree with this, and how many wanna push "QUIT!" button. ;)
  16. Yup, cuz that what makes this game awesome is that you earn level By quests, not by no life killing. If this game getting exp, then there is only bots in game like in runescape.
  17. No, At 5 vs 5 winners still get 46 and losers did got 7
  18. Agree, i did almost nolife dat game, when it was 0.7 and before. Now i just log on to see if any my friend online or i just sell my crap equip or stuff, just standing and chatting nothing much Yup. :cray:
  19. Lol, capslock show ur anger, or u think am to old or blind that i can not see normal text ? ;D ;D ;D Lol, do not qq of that u do not have dat blade. QQ when u had :D And u lost by in enchant lol :D :lol: :lol: Dafuq i just read ? :D Mad bro ? :D
  20. How to duck we get out of this place ? Only die ?
  21. Maybe u can not remember 2011 ? :D
  22. No, Devs and GM love it, cuz they can get more money ;) ppl arm and equip get broken inside this and items need repair. Same story with swamps.
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