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  1. Just to clarify sulti's characters have yet to beat me once, and just to brag I've successfully kited sulti's rogue twice in cave without him hitting me even once. as I've said before, the real men don't argue on forums they go cave and shut u up personally :)
  2. Thanks for info on quest item, he definitely surprised me ill give him that My character is a glass cannon, an amped bow but all armor is +0. If you have a problem with me kiting then you have a problem with warspear itself, and I'll be continuing to kos your characters until you start behaving sulti :)
  3. I was fighting a level 11 necromancer on my druid in arena, and everything was normal. He had normal gear not amped and a weapon from story quest. Problem was the helmet he was wearing, picture the red skull costume as it's exactly alike except only the head as the other gear was actual equipment not a costume..... I'm aware of the graphic bug for costumes such as the panda and captain costumes but this isn't similar as the coloring of the helmet wasn't "flashing" or glitchy Edit: I switch roms almost every month on my phone so I didn't know the hotkey for screen shots sorry.
  4. Sweet,now I have someone new to kos. Back to arguing on forums, us men will be on the battlefield. Inb4 noob (umad sulti?)
  5. I'm confused... Is this a list of people I've beaten PvP? :unknw:
  6. I agree but believe you should take it further. When the daily deal for market popped up I was fighting a regular monster and immediately clicked on "buy" by accident since the button was aligned where I was standing. Now I'm stuck with mc items I dont need, and with market not being shared between factions I'm not able to at least resell for gold to break even
  7. Boss hunts once a week bg or lab, pvp wise let's take over nadir bridge Mc side. always fun 8)
  8. Is this legit? Not clicking on any links. Either way i speak fluent english :dirol:
  9. Jswaaz

    Lost Item

    It was never 100% at +0 since day one of release
  10. Someone doesn't like kiting ::) Sent from my HTC Glacier using Tapatalk
  11. Ill admit Sono beat me alot, I'm always random partner. However neither of them were afk during this fight, we used consistent traps with timed roots. BEST BD PLISKIN 8) Inb4 lag Sent from my HTC Glacier using Tapatalk
  12. Goodluck, and hurry up 8) Sent from my HTC Glacier using Tapatalk
  13. Yep its down, someone got mad :D
  14. ever since 2.6 update, i keep losing connection every once in awhile. at first it was once every couple hours, now its once every 20 mins. what happens is my screen shows "restoring connection" then loses connection while trying to. and wont reconnect to the games server until i exit the game completely and restart the application. ive died twice today playing then losing connection suddenly. ive used 3 different wifi spots and have gotten the same results. this is NOT on my end, its some fault in the game.
  15. half of these posts are not even on topic. take your spam elsewhere kthx
  16. *looks back at original topic* shows how insecure a clan can be, no one cares
  17. correction: hes a kid who bought the account when the original owner quit. i thought this was a contest of skill?
  18. i vote galvatron for barb, that guy always is able to tank my hits
  19. all i have to say is goodbye everyone who cheated, especially scout :yahoo:
  20. OHARA camped there for over 2 hours, then i eventually logged off. and stayz, justify it all you want, YOU saw a bd evading boss and CHOSE to party with him and stay with him for hours, you dont deserve any pity.
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