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  1. I think you are talking about ayvondil t3 heroic or mythical dungeon. Well, all the modes of t3 dg have spawners summoning ads. As you kill them, the spawners keep spawning. Suggestions: 1. take 1-2 mages in the party to massacre the ads faster. Warden would be handy as well 2. find the spawner and kill it asap 3. Don't enter an area alone. It better you wait for the whole party at the area crossing and enter it together. Because, the moment someone steps in an area, the spawners starts spawning ads. Hope this helps
  2. I can smell expert skill book ["Enhanced Book of Life Steal"] . Who wanna make bet with me that it will come or not ? :3
  3. I heard someone got penetration book in US-sapphire server from elm. Probably, its rumor then
  4. Well, They are permanent bosses now. The drops wont change. The only requirement is to do few cc or ayvondil mythical dgs to make the boss spawn. You can add this as many people still don't know how to farm these bosses for hp or mana books.
  5. Please add these as well Guild event bosses in Ayvondil Rottung Ayr drops Rottung Ayr's Treasury which contains Rottung Ayr costume Book "Power of Life” Nocturne drops Nocturne's Treasury which contains Nocturne costume Book "Power of Spirit” Also, these treasuries contain: unique empower relics Seeker's Stamina Elixirs Signs of Imperishability Unity Signs Minions great Gladiator, Knowledge and Unity elixirs scrolls precious bars
  6. @Aкasha This is really an awesome guide. Almost every player in this server needs this. Some additions for the guide. Norlant Swamps Zneth-Summer: Unique level 15 weapons Kotaravva: Unique level 18 sudden doom weapons Kronus Labyrinth Mini-boss: Cicada Star Shadows Costume Ayvondil - the Eternal Forest Zone lll: Mara'kosh and Anzu-iri Raid-boss:Black Elm book ''Enhanced Critical Damage'' book ''Enhanced penetration'' P.S.: Black elm doesn’t drop book “Enhanced Critical Hit” (it doesn’t exist in the server as far as I know) Zone lV: Pilion and Tom-Lugu Raid-boss: Engineer Book "Magical defense Protection"
  7. @Reivenorik So, this t5 update will be released after spring event or in the spring event itself ? Because , I wanna know if we can expect spring dgs next year or not.
  8. Choose the gender you want according to your story. The game character is for identifying you as participant.
  9. @Daria What are the maximum limits of resistance , Solidity a player can get?
  10. say that to someone who belive your stories .
  11. I have edited the post for better image . Now you can see that they are 2 apps .
  12. It doesn't look trolling to me. He is clearly saying he shares his account. I better send this to support team and let them decide. I guess all the characters logged by him will get ban.
  13. you are clearly dumb. This ss is taken by him.
  14. This is clear ss showing 2 copies of game running in same screen. This character and all the accounts used this person should be banned .
  15. According to this , this person will get ban too ? He publicly wrote in world chat that he shares his character with his brother.
  16. it wasn't just 2 weeks , we been killing it from 3 years. Which guild has done 80% elm kills in US Sapphire ? I think I don't have to answer this question because everyone knows.
  17. Mana regen is actually working correct now. Before update, the mana regen used to recover mana every 4 secs and after update , the mana regen is recovering mana every 5 secs like it should have been. So, the incorrect working of mana regen is actually fixed after this update. P.S. : All those players who have mana regen difficulties should change their enchants on their gears for more mana regen or buy mana pots xd
  18. "How fast" you say? game system always heals in regular intervals of 5 secs. Do you mean to say , now system may heal you every 2 secs? This buff was never available in game till now.
  19. what is the difference between the buff of increasing and speeding up health regeneration ?
  20. Even if they use vpn, in case of multi logging , all accounts logged will have same ip address.
  21. @ZhangWei Sharing of accounts is not violation I think. Devs have advised not to share accounts and can share at their own risk. Multi logging has been reported by many players. It still comes under sharing accounts issue . I don't think anything shall happen unless devs design new client which can block multi logging. Below video shows players can multi log .
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