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  1. Updated on the latest version.. The error continues.
  2. @Nolan Is there a solution? I've tried to use repeated relics and it doesn't give me my medal..
  3. I used the 5 attack relic and it doesn't give me the medal. Screens.
  4. Unnecessary suggestions in my opinion. Everyone is free to show off what they want, but I see it as visualizations where those who load coins can boast better. If you give animation to every skill out there, it's ugly and will end up being a generic MU to shine on.
  5. Nowadays it is very easy to complete medals.. I leveling up little by little you get, I raised a class from level 1 to 32 today I have 350.
  6. All very nice concept, but In Warspear there is a giant problem in PvE, Many classes are devalued for dungeons.. What would be your solution to not becoming a Tower to go with 1 Tank + 4 dps with pet heal + pot HP? It would be great if the tower is mandatory to go with 1 tank + 2 or 3 dps + 2 heal optional.
  7. Last week I opened 200 baules of map2 in my necromancer, no dropped. Today I opened again quite a few baul in the Chieftain, no drop. Assumed to be x2 drop. At least I would have liked to have had the whole emoji collection, but even the emoji don't fall. Let's laugh so we don't cry hahahaha BaitSpear
  8. In Wow I understand that by doing 4 hour farm you get your mythical drop item, in Warspear one can do 300 dungeon and not drop. But a random player arrives using his stam free and drop easy, that for me is frustrating and unfair.
  9. These are the reasons why I hate Warspear random system. It is very frustrating to open this amount of baul and not drop even 1 costumes or book.
  10. Esta tan olvidado el foro en Español.. Todos los jugadores hispanos se centran en los foros internacionales. Hasta "yo" Y los desarrolladores jamás tradujeron la historia de Mapa2 ou Mapa4 al español, algunas traducciones están mal hechas y sin sentido. Es triste ver una comunidad tan grande como la de los hispanos, que podría ser beneficioso para AIGRIND, pero por no tener servidor propio, vivimos en todos los servidores como perros. Vos si sos hispanoparlante, si ves ésto "Hola"
  11. @Nolan An option to always leave the second bar active, would be great..
  12. Me, I'm just looking forward to seeing the new map2 textures.. A question @Nolan Will the yellow quests, on map2, have better rewards? It's time to change those green items that give, for blue ones as in the maps1.
  13. At last!!! Full talent uploaded Thanks to the event with promotion, now to wait for new talents for headache lol
  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @[email protected] When we'll see a "preview" of the next update, I'm dying of hype. Every day I enter the forum just for that.
  15. Also the combo they present in the video is little used lol No necromancer in your right mind uploads infection 4/4 hahahahaha Note: get to see the skill updates, you will see that Connection and Infection always had nerf.
  16. The truth that 7% is almost nothing, it does not help you much, you still receive hydrophobia the double lol
  17. @Nolan You'd like to watch video where I change my priest build, climbing skill to show how priest tears makes 7k em chars legion critical that I probably have them without pvp equipment hahaha sarcasm.. The necro skill has limits, it works according to its description.
  18. What do you gain by claiming such a lie of "necro +6 killing everyone easily" The video necro is from my server is +10, full arena. I can also question the veracity of the video, the elves do not use pvp equipment, etc.
  19. Now that I'm only four talented to have everything complete, win a medal, they're going to increase talent. These things make me frustrated, the talents are expensive to go up..
  20. This suggestion is good, but the problem is that AIGRIND doesn't know how to do it, the war on map2 became guild war and not faction war..
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