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  1. Awesome guild I'm a lvl 6 arena rogue btw :[
  2. Sigh... It really saddens me to see how the thing that developers intended to be an attraction to the WS to make more people come has turned into this.... *this*. I am a lvl 6 arena player(don't use mcoins just farm dungeons for a lucky essence and sell it at dealer to become stronger ) and it is really hampering my arena playing coz of lvl 6 WAR BUFFED ELFS IN ARENA!(Yes there are some of those who go to islernot in elf side just to get a free buff for a day.)Atleast remove the buff thing and add something more materialistic reward such as a special chest for war only or something... As a guy stated above somewhere - War has become a buff machine.This is like- MC= Elf=
  3. Totally agree to this! This is a fine idea.
  4. That would be very helpful if you wanna see guild skills and such.
  5. Well... firstly- if u wanna lvl up fast then go to lvl 20/24 (if u r already high enough lvl then why u bothering? ) In lvl 20/24 every player is more or less 'arena player'. Secondly-I wouldn't bother telling him that, I will give him a penny and let him live his life as he wants
  6. If this is approved then think about all those wasted +8 lvl 5 or 6 gears the players have... Summary-You want to have fun by making those guys not having fun.
  7. This can't happen. Blackmailing you coz u did something in other game? geez... I should say you should get himm banned instead for false accusation.
  8. Cool guide...This is the only guide on lvl 6 arena players I have found yet.
  9. and what about the cloak of night, amulet of night and signet of night? all lvl 5
  10. I have lately seen many rogues lvl 4-6 having this weapon called (something)of midnight hunter... how do we get it?
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